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Started by snaphap, June 06, 2019, 11:27:56 AM

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Hey I made my first thing piano and I like having people tell me how bad I am at composing so I can get better so if you have time that would be helpful :>

Ragtimey thing - [MSCZ because musescore master race] [PDF] [MIDI] [MP3]
-Is this ragtime? I think its ragtime idk
I'm on these forums and am thinking "some of these people have literally composed more nintendo songs than I know in total what"


Hey - this is pretty cool. I like it! It isn't quite ragtime - ragtime is characterized by the oom-pah bass. It's a creative mix of ragtime/swing melodies in some places with these rigid war-drum like chords in the bass. It's funny - I feel like the war - drum parts and the swingy parts have a cool interaction. Some stuff -
 - The thirty-second grace note to an acciaccatura (that's the first grace note option in the grace note panel in musescore - it has the little slash through the stem)
 - For the tempo text - a dotted quarter note doesn't really make sense - a regular quarter note would.
 - Almost all the notes in the bass are staccato, so you can just write staccato as an expression mark instead of having a dot over every note.
 - In bar 20, I'd have four eighth notes, the last one tied to make the rhythm easier to read.
 - You don't often see double-dotted half notes - I really don't know much about them so I can't say either way if they're used well.
 - I love bar 38 through where the coda starts - maybe a crescendo to ramp up the intensity?
 - I'd think some more about bar 31 - it sounds more like a sea-shanty or Irish jig than the rest of the piece.
 - How about a system break before the coda - that would be nice for the formatting.
 - I love the coda/ending so much!
This is your first composition? Sweet!
(Sorry - I don't have any really theory - related composition tips - I just know that this sounds pretty good!)


Holy crap someone saw my thing thank you so much
Yeah a lot of the things you said I agree with and that's mostly because it was my first composition xp I messed up a lot of formatting (such as bar 20) and just random things in general since I had no experience at the time, but all of this was super helpful! Thank youuu
I didn't actually think people would look at this page at all but I've been proven wrong, maybe I'll post some other things who knows
(oh and side note, I actually did try an acciaccatura but musescore treated it like an eighth note and it was really weird I'll try figuring that out)
I'm on these forums and am thinking "some of these people have literally composed more nintendo songs than I know in total what"