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Staff changes! (And happy solstice)

Started by Latios212, June 21, 2019, 03:51:53 PM

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Late (because I just got back from a long weekend) but congratulations to the new staff! Very good picks, if you ask me.

Also thanks to the former staff who stepped down. You made quite the mark on this site, and we promise it won't be forgotten. And thanks to the now-Ghost Updaters for their years of service to making this site work what it does.

All the work you guys have done has, personally, helped me develop, both socially and musically. I can't put this into words, but I hope you all understand how much it means, not just for people like me who have grown a bit, but others, too. Thank you all.
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Ok so I know I'm late af to this update but AYYYYYYYYYY

Yeah E. Gadd!! Good for you, man! You and BrainyLucario have always been the realest, imo  ???

Of course, congrats to Yug Guy as well, and everyone else who's moved up the list.
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Appreciate that Shadow. Congrats Gadd. You deserve it! Hopefully i'll be able to join you sooner or later!
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Thank you, everyone :) (I realized my first post wasn't very uhhhhh grateful). I will do my best to serve this community as much as, if not more so than it has given me.
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