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Started by PokeMaestro, July 22, 2019, 02:59:29 AM

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May you also create arrangements with the program Musescore on this page? Or do you always have to use FinaleNotePad?


Well, anyone who has a paid version of Finale is probably using that instead. ;)

The website only accepts Finale files (.mus, .musx), MIDIs, and PDFs, but we Musescore users can initially create our arrangements on Musescore, then import them into Finale Notepad (probably by exporting an intermediate MusicXML file first). One NinSheetMusic user has created a tandem Musescore template and file formatter to make importing into Finale Notepad easier in


But... can I create arrangements anyway, when I don't have FinaleNotePad rather Musescore?
And can I upload sheet music just in PDF?


You can create arrangements with Musescore and release Musescore files and PDFs (to a file-sharing website such as Google Drive or Dropbox) or release your score to the Musescore website, and you can even provide links to those in your arrangement thread on this forum, but you cannot submit Musescore files to NinSheetMusic.

You cannot submit just a PDF to NinSheetMusic--you need to submit a MIDI and a Finale file as well. In fact, the first priority of file to fix when adjusting a NinSheetMusic submission is the Finale file, as we may end up creating the other files from it.


So if I click "Submission Center", can I simply upload a Google Drive link with a Musescore file instead of an MusicXML or Finale file?


Quote from: PokéMaster on July 22, 2019, 05:27:52 PMSo if I click "Submission Center", can I simply upload a Google Drive link with a Musescore file instead of an MusicXML or Finale file?
No, as Dekka mentioned, a Finale file (.mus) is currently required for submission. You're free to arrange and share arrangements using whatever program you want, but if you want to submit something to the main site a Finale file is required.

I suggest sharing your arrangements here first: Piano Arrangements to get some visibility. If you still want to submit feel free to ask for help here, in addition to the link Dekka dropped above:
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