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Moving Finale Program Files/Deleted Files?

It has come to my attention recently that, given my arrangement rate, I have about a year or so before I run out of Dropbox space and will be forced to pay for the upgrade. Looking over my contents, I realized I had all of my Finale program file folders saved on Dropbox, and could save a lot of space by moving them to my computer. How would I go about moving these files to my hard drive without altering anything important, or changing where Finale locates its files in order to operate?

Also, yesterday, while moving my game folders into categorized folders by franchise, Dropbox gave me several desktop notifications that files "have been deleted", often with 4-5 files at a time. This has occurred before, but I don't understand what's happening; is it deleting actual files, discarding duplicate files, or removing shared access and essential destroying links just because I'm moving file locations? Please help me comprehend what's going on here.
Update: My first question was resolved by Static; those were just duplicates from the program files on my computer.


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