mpgiii's Arrangements - Pokemon Trading Card Game for GB

Started by mpgiii, November 14, 2022, 07:08:07 PM

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mpgiii's Piano Arrangements

Hello! I'm Michael, and I'm an amateur arranger and transcriber. I have been transcribing off and on since jazz band in high school. I have created few piano sheets but I am excited to make more!

I am looking for feedback on any of my stuff -- I am new to this but would love to be able to contribute to the site one day.

I use MuseScore currently. I know the site takes the Finale format, so if anyone could help me learn how to convert my MuseScore stuff to Finale that would be awesome. I am too used to the MuseScore UI at this point to really consider switching over, but for tasks like conversion I imagine it would be good to have a general overview knowledge of Finale :)

I'm currently working on transcribing the Pokemon Trading Card Game soundtrack for Game Boy -- it's a game that doesn't get a lot of love/attention but it is super nostalgic for me so it's a fun challenge.

Pokemon Trading Card Game [GB]


Let me know if you have any feedback for me! I can also be reached on Discord -- mpgiii#0001


Hi Michael, nice to meet you!

We have a guide for converting mscz to mus files, so when you're feeling ready to submit anything that should be able to help you :p

Also, you're welcome to join the Discord server if you haven't already (there tends to be more activity over there than on the forums).