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Best online games

Started by kotorfanboy, August 06, 2008, 04:27:47 PM

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What is your favorite game for xbox live?

Halo 3
7 (38.9%)
Call of Duty 4
5 (27.8%)
Gears of War
0 (0%)
Grand Theft Auto 4
2 (11.1%)
Guitar Hero 3
0 (0%)
Sports game
0 (0%)
XBLA game
1 (5.6%)
Other game
3 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 17


Was just wondering what the general consensus here was. My vote is for Halo 3, because although I love COD4, Halo 3 has tons of custom game options, and forge mode.


Weird. Did you vote?  ???

I also voted Halo 3. It's much more fun in my opinion.
Even when everyone else has gone,
I will punch the punching bag until a game comes on. XD

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lol i forgot to vote myself thanks


Halo 3 but only if you have a sweet lan party  ::) those were the good times.


Halo 3 is only good for local matches.  Online is dull and buggy.  Lost Planet is great fun.  Really arcadey gameplay and such.

me irl


Quote from: Gamer4250 on August 07, 2008, 01:10:17 PMHalo 3 is only good for local matches.  Online is dull and buggy.  Lost Planet is great fun.  Really arcadey gameplay and such.

For a good like 3-4 month period practically every game I played of Halo 3 online it was extremely laggy, so I stopped playing, but about a couple months ago it was all fixed, and now Halo 3 is great.


well, ive never played any of these games online, but from what ive heard it would be Halo 3.. (i didnt vote though. cuz ive never played it online) - its... its... beautiful!


I'm gonna haveto say other. As in Lost Planet colonies. It's like Halo, but with less Smack-Talkers.


me irl

Super Zombie

I don't get problems online with Halo.


I actually like arcade games more but for mutiplayer Halo 3


I've always enjoyed Halo for the soul purpose of listening to ten year olds smack talk and laughing at them. I've always had a nack for pissing people off on online games. But my vote goes to CoD4  because I think it's online play is to good for words. It kept my wallet happy because I spent like five months on online mode and didn't need a new game.

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