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Finale NotePad note bunching issue

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Regarding the image, you could right click the image itself and copy the image address in order to get a direct link to it. The other link goes to the entire website page so it wouldn't work in bbcode

About the issue though, if you click on a measure with a note then Finale will automatically adjust the spacing, and you have to do that for each one if the formatting is off. It should do that for Notepad too, but regardless or whether or not it works, at some point you would have to adjust the measure distribution, manually space out notes/beats with the measure tool, or reduce the staff size if notes are still cramped. I don't think you can do any of those with Notepad

^I have an issue like this that happens quite often; I don't know why but it's super annoying. That being said, all it takes for me is to highlight one of the notes, and then use the arrow keys to move the pitch up and back down again (or down and back up) by even just a single note. Moving it around makes finale respace everything in the measure, so I only really have to do this once per measure, regardless of how many problem notes are involved. Again, though, I have no idea if that's a possible fix on Notepad...

Yeah I didn't find anything on Notepad.  Is anyone aware if there is a forum that is dedicated to that or is it so out of date that you're out of luck for stuff like this?


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