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Official Kotor MMO topic

Started by kotorfanboy, August 13, 2008, 09:31:01 PM

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why would people keep playing if the level cap is easy to reach?


I'm not sure. Maybe have the level cap not too high, so there is more strategy in the gameplay, but add lots of items and quests to do for after the level cap is reached. Something would have to be worked out :/


if the level cap is low, people will stop playing faster

and with MMOs it's all about milking the most money you can from the customers, a.k.a. making them play for a longer time.

that's why with MMOs, you get bored very fast, or you get addicted to it.

getting bored is probably the better outcome tho.


That seems to be the MMO conundrum. Here's to hoping that Kotor MMO breaks that trend!


ok i just dont see a story with mmos. the problem is a story needs to have a beginning, middle and end. That just doesnt work for MMOs. You could get a beginning but middle and end just doesnt work as each sidequest (or 'quests' as they r called in mmos...for a reason cos there is no main quest) has their own little story and then u just lose track of the main story. Also wat happens when u beat the main story? more sidequests that just seem pointless now? for ginding sake?

Believe me...this will turn out to be a futuristic WoW...with lightsabers thrown in cos its star wars.


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