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Where did the old Diddy Kong Racing 'Main Theme' sheet music go?


So I printed off some DKR sheet music. It's now called 'Title Theme' instead of 'Main Theme' and sounds different. I preferred the older version. I even have the older version MP3 saved on my computer from 4th August 2019. I really want to learn the older version on piano, does anyone know how I can find it? I can't seem to link the MP3, but it's definitely changed, and by quite a lot, not just one or two notes, but the whole rythm of the left hand is different as well as lots of other different bits.

That sheet was one of several that was recently replaced with our replacement project, which aims to replace many old sheets (many of our older sheets are inaccurate - wrong notes, wrong rhythms, poor engraving/formatting, etc.). But because the new arrangements are usually done from scratch, the new arranger might choose to arrange it differently with different accompaniment patterns. If you want the original, you can find it here.

Thanks very much! I want to learn bits from both and have multiple verses. I really like the idea at bar 31-34 in the old one. And I like some ideas from the new one. Cheers!


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