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Pop music arrangements

Started by gunthi, June 22, 2020, 06:16:11 AM

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Hi everyone, this is my youtube channel, where I publish my piano arrangements of several songs.
I hope you like it!
Subscribe it if you want to know when I publish a new arrangement ;)



Dude everyone plays whatever he wants. I honestly hate when strangers are giving advices when  nobody asks for them. This guy can even go to any Korean website ( and play K-pop if this is what he's willing to do. I know that once we post something public, we need to be prepared for the critic, but this is not a criticism. You didn't say what he was doing wrong. You just told him what to do. And I don't think this is OK. It is not ok to tell a stranger what to do. Deal with it. Next time, provide at least some arguments!


Thanks for sharing, quite enjoyed it.
You can find some ideas and catchy music on the radio, which provides everything you need on the website internet radio hören.