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My Rate the Game topic

Started by kotorfanboy, August 16, 2008, 06:09:17 PM

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So I started this topic in the gaming topic and I wanted to spread the word (the first game only got 4 votes, including myself)

There are two topics: The nominations and suggestions topic, and The voting topic

The noms and suggestions topic is where you can post your questions, comments, suggestions, and they will be answered. The other purpose is to post nominations for which game for me to put in the voting topic. There have already been a few nominations, but we need a lot more.

The voting topic is the main topic, in which you give a review for the game that is currently being featured. You must give a numerical review, of 0-10 by increments of 0.1. An explanation to your score is optional. After the voting period ends, which right now is 3-4 days although as the topic gets more popular it will get shorter, I average together the posted scores, then move on to the next game. All of the games ever voted on will be posted in the topic, so you can compare the different scores for different games. It should give an accurate representation of what NSM thinks about certain games. Even if you haven't played the game, you are still welcome to come and discuss the game.

The problem right now is that not too many people know about the game yet, and only 4 votes is not only not that fun, but it also does not give an accurate represenation of NSM as a whole. I hope more people join the discussion.