What's the worst that could happen?

Started by Davey, August 20, 2008, 09:21:51 AM

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Realistic: I live a miserble, petty existence.
Unrealistic (maybe): I die.

Your cat reveals to you that it is a robot with the plan of destroying the universe.


R: You jump on its back and yell, "This... Is... (Wherever you live)"

U: You quickly run away screaming only to find out that it has already taken over before you could even turn around... oO


You own a tank of piranhas O.o


R:  Your cat tries to catch and eat them but it ends up falling in they eat it cause you were too stupid to put a dang lid on it!

U:  Someone tries to rob you in da middle of da night and the fish band together and eat the poor guy!  So you wake up the next morning wonder why the carpet around the tank is red... O.O


Cameras shut off every time you take a picture of yourself.


You ran out of batteries.

You get hit by a plane full of clowns.


When watching TV

Composer #40

R: The TV network stops working and interrupts you show.
U: You catch an episode of Kirby with a gun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMjDoZxKyvo

You have a tank in your garage.

It happens Every. Day!

Sir Awesomesauce

R: You suddenly realize your garage is too small to hold a tank and is completely destroyed
U: Tank kills everybody in the world but your girlfriend and mother, whom he (it?) has sensual relationships with.


Feeding the animals at a zoo.
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R: They completely ignore the food.
U: They eat the food, reach through the bars, and hold you hostage until they are given more.

You have a car with turbo.


R: You get so many speeding tickets that the banks takes your car.

U: You become the new Speed Racer

You go back in time to Europe during the black plague on accident


R: You get infected by the Black Plague and die.
U: You realize you accidentally sent everyone in your time back to the Black Plague time and destroy the future of humans.

You get an awesome laptop for your birthday.

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You realize that you need to buy over $1000 of hardware for it
It explodes and burns down the neighborhoods.

you get a cat.


R: it runs away
U: it claws your eye out

You revive a thread.
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R: No one answers to it.
U: No one answers to it.

You buy an obscure music album.



:to slow's

R: Kefka yells at you for bumping.

U: The forum immediately gets swamped with posts, and nobody saw this.


Quote from: triforced1 on August 21, 2011, 03:58:55 PMR: No one answers to it.
U: No one answers to it.

You buy an obscure music album.
R: I sounds like crap
U: Some crazed fan pays you 500k for it.

You rob a Starbucks


R: You get caught and arrested for theft.
U: You drink the coffee that you stole, but it was poisoned.

You get a paper cut.
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