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Started by JacopoTore, February 06, 2022, 03:33:54 PM

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I think it is useful to create a "browse by composer" link in the main site. In this way people can search for scores not only on the basis of the videogame or the arranger but also the composer who is almost always more important than the arranger.


While it would be a nice feature, we currently don't store any of the relevant data in our back-end so this wouldn't be an easy thing to implement at all.  The end product may also not be fully accurate/useful, as some of our composer information on sheets is inherently missing, overly vague, or (in some cases) incorrect, mostly due to a lack of information available surrounding VGM crediting.

Thank you for the feedback though.  This is something we've thought about before, and if we ever redesign the database then we'll consider including it.


Thank you for sharing this information with us.