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Which character would you like to see in a new Mario Kart?

Started by zed, April 19, 2022, 10:29:39 AM

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Imagine Nintendo is announcing a brand new Mario Kart, but they don't know what they should add in term of characters. They ask the fans to give them ideas to put in the game.

Without considering the choice of Nintendo, what character would you like to see or should be in that new game?

That's all  :D


*breathes in*

Honestly? It'd be cool to see the developers bring in a few of the new characters from Mario Kart Tour. It may be your typical gacha game, but it's got a huge roster, introducing decent number of characters into the series, listed below:

The List
The Bros. (Hammer, Fire, Ice, Boomerang)
Monty Mole
King Bob-Omb
Dixie Kong
Chargin' Chuck

It's also got Captain Toad and Peachette, but those are better off labeled as alternate costumes

The game also reintroduced three previously abandoned characters: Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, and Birdo. It even brought back ol' Donkey Kong Jr. as a 16-bit sprite (no, seriously, it's real). So as you can see, it's got quite a nice selection of favorites from the franchise (save for Monty Mole and Chargin' Chuck, I don't care for them myself). It's missing a few forgotten racers like Petey Piranha and R.O.B., but otherwise it's pretty solid; besides, the game's still receiving updates, so there's hope for them yet.

As far as more obscure characters go, why not Professor E. Gadd? Captain Syrup from the Wario Land series might also make for an interesting addition. There's several characters I'd like to see erased from the Mario Kart series (don't get me started), but please, leave the other Nintendo franchises out of the game. If you ask me, including them would be much more fitting for a larger crossover racing game akin to Super Smash Bros.
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Finally Totk is out and we can put the koroks behind us. What? 900 more?!? Thanks Nintendo.