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Space Travel Update


The thread you have all been waiting for is finally here!  This time, NinSheetMusic exits the atmosphere on a journey to explore the cosmos, with the new theme of Space Travel, as chosen by our members.

How to participate:

* Create a new thread in the Projects board called [<insert username here>'s Space Travel Project Sheets]  In the first post in that thread you will need to keep an up to date list of the sheets you have submitted as well as links to the original tracks (just like in submissions).  This is where feedback for your arrangements will go.  You can also go to other arranger's threads to leave feedback of your own, which we highly encourage!
* The sheets submitted must fit the theme of space travel, which should be taken to mean involving outer space in some manner, spaceships/stations, celestial bodies etc.  If in doubt about whether your idea is suitable, feel free to ask here in this thread.  We generally try to be lenient to an extent, but remember that the purpose is to put together a coherent update.  Of course, there is no requirement to arrange new sheets for this update, but you can if you want to.
* PM Latios212 with your email address so that you can access the Dropbox folder where we will be hosting all of the sheets (if you already have access from a previous project, this step is unnecessary).  You should upload submitted sheets (just the .mus or .musx is fine) to this folder yourself, and keep them up to date when changes are made.
* Like last time, there will be a limit of 2 submissions per arranger for this project, although this number is subject to changes by the updating team if your submissions are very complex (we may limit you to one submission) or very simple (we may allow more than two submissions).  Remember that decisions about changing the submissions limit are purely up to the updating team's discretion, although we are happy to hear your input.
The deadline for submissions is (almost) exactly two weeks from now, Saturday, 7th May, 1000 GMT.  We will accept no sheets that are submitted after this time.

Note that, as with previous projects, we cannot guarantee that every sheet you submit before the deadline will eventually make it into the update.  To maximise the chances of your sheets being accepted, you should ensure they are as high quality as you can make them (arranging within your skill level will help here) and you should make sure to respond promptly to feedback in your thread.  Feel free to ask about the project or the project submissions process here, if you have any questions.

Happy arranging, and try not to get sucked into a black hole while you're at it!

Submissions for this project are now closed.  I hope you enjoyed the themed arranging!  Make sure to check your project threads over the next few weeks for feedback.

Thank you to everyone involved in this project!  It's over now, but look forward to the next special project, which will be happening some as-of-yet unspecified amount of time in the future.


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