[DELETED] [ARCADE] Dragon Buster - "Game Over" by Federico Mariane

Started by Zeta, September 12, 2022, 10:56:01 AM

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Submission Information:

Series: Other
Game: Dragon Buster
Console: Arcade
Title: Game Over
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arranger: Federico Mariane


Looks good! I'm not sure whether forte is appropriate here, but everything else seems fine :)


Notes are all good! You could use the Page Layout Tool You cannot view this attachment. to shorten the measure a little bit, so it looks less stretchy (like this).


Quote from: Latios212 on September 17, 2022, 09:13:48 AMI've updated the game info for Dragon Buster to [ARCADE].

By the way, in the future, when submitting two sheets from a new game, please only enter the game info only once for the first submission. When you submit your second sheet, the game info you entered for the first submission will already be available from the drop-down menus.
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(Link to the arcade version)

Taking this into account, there's a couple new pitches to add in:

You cannot view this attachment.

There's not many, so I'm sure it'll be no trouble.
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this is the arcade version, we have trascribed the NES version


Archiving this one for this reason:
Quote from: Latios212 on January 15, 2023, 02:27:21 PMBut if the submissions continue to stay in this state where "Jacopo Tore" is listed on the sheet but uncredited in submissions, we'll need to start archiving some of the extra submissions soon.