[N64] GoldenEye 007 - "Frigate (Remix)" (Replacement) by Whoppybones

Started by Zeta, December 12, 2022, 09:50:51 AM

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Submission Information:

Series: Other
Game: GoldenEye 007
Console: Nintendo 64
Title: Frigate (Remix)
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arranger: Whoppybones

Replacement Information:

Links to Existing Sheet: MUS | MIDI | PDF
Replacement Type: Challenge (new arranger)

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YouTube link

Some notes:
 - The official title for this song (according to khinsider) is "Multiplayer 13".
 - I know my choice in which voices I leave out is a bit inconsistent, but I did my best to keep the overall feel of the song. You're welcome to suggest alternatives, but I'm fairly happy with where those are at.
 - I know my other current arrangement is quite long and won't be done by the end of the month, so I'm REALLY hoping I can get this one done. I promise I'll be as prompt as I can with my responses to feedback, and I'd love it if y'all would be willing to promptly give feedback. :D And to those who say there's no way this gets done by December 31st, "I can dream, Harold!"


  • Might I suggest leaving out the upper voice in the LH for the first system? Not only does this make it slightly easier to play but more importantly it provides a contrast to the next system where the lower pitch of that ostinato is more in the foreground. The marcatos in the RH are best placed above the staff (they follow similar rules to trills).
  • The RH figure in the second system and similar is missing articulation, could you add that?
  • To show a difference between the second and 4th systems, what do you think of having the RH play octaves the second time around (like the new strings do)?
  • In the 5th system, the performer can't really sustain the upper layer very easily at the moment. The first half looks manageable, but the second could use some work. Moving all the Es up an octave (or leaving them out) would do it?
  • The last system sounds a little empty compared to what's going on in the original. You could e.g. include the moving string line lowered by an octave, that would fit quite smoothly in the hand :)


Quote from: Whoppybones on December 12, 2022, 10:00:08 AM- The official title for this song (according to khinsider) is "Multiplayer 13".

I actually did a quick check, since I was wary about this claim when I found this tweet by Goldeneye composer Graeme Norgate. Seems this submission, plus all of the not-evilsqueaky arrangements should have their composer info updated.

That being said, their was never an official soundtrack release for Goldeneye 007. While the tweet includes titles to songs provided by Graeme, this isn't exactly "official" the way other soundtrack's titles are. Still, I'd advise not including a track with a number in it, as we don't know where khinsider got that number in the first place. To my knowledge, there is no in-game soundtest, so the number either came from the file names (which is dubious as far as being official goes), or they simply ordered the soundtrack as they saw fit.

...okay, that's the end of my ramble. Back to my hobbit-hole!


Sleuthed around online for a bit and I think this track is called "Frigate X". It seems like it plays on the Frigate Multiplayer stage


Xiao's feedback (discussed over Discord):
 - Left the LH voice in to prevent a feeling of emptiness. Marcatos were adjusted
 - Articulation added to systems 2 and 4
 - I don't actually hear a difference between the second and fourth systems, so if there is one I don't really think it's significant enough for me to change notation.
 - I left it as is and trust that the performer will do what they feel best.
 - I really liked that idea as it got that in without making it clash with the other layer. It has been added.

Yug's and Kricketune's feedback: I was looking at Zophar's Domain after reading Yug's post but before Kricketune posted, and I too agree that "Frigate X" is a better name than "Multiplayer 13". I was going to ask for a second opinion but then Kricketune gave it to me! :D File names and stuff have been changed. As a side note, I am unable to modify my opening post here, so if needed I'd appreciate if someone else would modify that to display the newly decided name.

Thanks for the prompt feedback, guys!


It seems (in the PDF at least) that the system placement has been messed up, just a heads up


Ah yes. I meant to mention that in my last post. Notepad refused to leave the breaks where they were after Kricketune moved 'em for me, so I figured I'd leave them be until the end of the process. If someone would be willing to do that right before they accept the sheet, that'd be lovely. And thanks for the reminder Xiao. ;D


Hiya! I'll leave some feedback another time soon, but I'm just dropping in about the name. We've decided to use Graeme Norgate's list in the link Yug provided as the official source for both composer credits and arrangement titles (thanks so much Yug!). In the case of this multiplayer replacement, I think the original title should actually be "Frigate (Remix)" by Grant Kirkhope. I don't think there's an audio source using this exact name, but since all levels in the game seem to have an X version (mostly used during escape or boss sections, I believe), I'd imagine that the X stands for remix.

Also, it may be a good idea to include a text box in-between the composer and arranger box saying "Based on the James Bond Theme Composed by Monty Norman": it's probably a credit worth giving, since pretty much all songs in the game are based on that theme.


I was initially sus of that twitter post just cuz the lengths of songs were quite different, but after (being told to and then actually) taking another look and watching a YT vid of each difficulty, I found only one version of the song in the whole level. That means there's only ONE remix version, and that's the multiplayer level. As such, the song name and composer information have been adjusted. ;D


The not so long awaited feedback!

-I'm actually with Xiao for leaving out the upper voice in the L.H. in the first staff, but here are a few suggestions you could fill up that emptiness:
1. Doubling on the snare hit for more power
You cannot view this attachment.
2. Doubling on the snare hit while also adding the James Bond voice leading (though it takes a bit more focus from the player)
You cannot view this attachment.
You can re-use these basslines in staff 3 and 5 too.
-For staff 2 and 4, I'd actually suggest using the bassline you have currently in staff 1, since the constant quarter notes in the bottom layer kinda miss the drive of the first bassline, and the lower notes of the octaves of the top line interfere with the harmony.
-m8 and 16: Maybe you could add a slur + staccato in the R.H. on beat 4-4.5 too?
-m13-16: I hear the higher line in the R.H. Xiao mentioned here too, closely listen to the main melody in these sections back to back (0:09 and 0:23)
-m17-20: Also with Xiao here on the second line: if you want the performer to think of an alternate solution, it should be at least be made clear that what you have written isn't the way to play it. A player will see this as "this is obviously not possible, why did they write it like this" instead of "this is obviously not possible, the arranger probably wanted me to do something else). I'd suggest either the same thing as Xiao suggested, or adding parentheses on the harder notes, or maybe changing the second line altogether to the marcato B-C-C#-C line (without the lower octaves)
-m21-24: The top E's here could be written as a whole note in a 3rd layer.
-m21-28: You could add some articulation in the L.H., similarly as in the R.H. in staff 2 and 4


Much thanks for that!
 - Despite thinking that 2 would sound weirder, I actually preferred it over option 1. I still hear the voice I removed, though since both of you don't perhaps that one's not as necessary to include as I first considered it to be.
 - I have been convinced to remove the lower octave. On a slower relisten (to try and prove myself right, haha), I actually didn't hear it as clearly as I had before, so I removed it and transferred system 1's bassline into system 2 and 4.
 - m8/16 I originally left this out because it didn't sound staccato nor legato, but upon a really slow listen, I hear the legato on b4 but not the staccato on b4.5. As such, I added the slur but not the staccato.
 - m13-16 I hear it a bit clearer now. I still don't think it's all that critical to the song, but I added it in nonetheless.
 - m17-20 I went with the parentheses. It sounds totally bland without the Es there, but I have marked them as optional so those who (unlike me) don't use excessive pedaling and those without an absurdly large handspan can know what to leave out.
 - m21-24 Done.
 - m21-28 You right. Articulation has been added.



I'm not the biggest fan of the combination of parts in bars 17-20, but given that you're not around anymore to make edits and it was already brought up and you decided you wanted to keep it rather than swapping to something similar, I'll leave it.

Everything else checks out to me notes/presentation-wise.  I will accept!


This submission has been accepted by Libera.

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