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Started by PianoMan, September 02, 2008, 05:53:43 PM

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Is there a place on the Homestarrunner site to download "Trogdor", or is it just available on the CD?

Please don't respond to this in a negative way about Homestar. Your post will be ignored.


okay okay I get it


Quote from: generalmayo on September 02, 2008, 07:20:20 PM? i don't get it ???
I want to download Trogdor. My religion and conscience won't let me illegally download it, so I was wondering if they give it away on the site somewhere, or if I HAVE to get the "Strong Bad Sings" CD


lawl religious moron.  Just download it.  If you own Guitar Hero 2 it could be considered legal if you're really that worried.

me irl


Well, I don't. and Religious people are not morons, they are more intelligent than non-religious people.


If you just go to downloads you can get the song for free ::)


Quote from: PianoMan on September 03, 2008, 02:05:17 PMWell, I don't. and Religious people are not morons, they are more intelligent than non-religious people.

eh.. let's not go there...


Religious differences are the reasons behind most violence and strife in the world.

Now think on that for a bit.

me irl


The whole universe revolves around Earth, Earth is flat, men are the superior race of the universe, it's morally ok to sell your daughter into slavery and stone disobedient children.

Also of course the Bible predicted internet and Copyright laws so it says God doesn't want you to download music illegally.

Good job there making yourself look like a moron. Oh wait of course, religious people can't be morons.

I really don't want to argue on this because you'll just keep digging a hole deeper and deeper every time using yourself as a shovel and that stick up your ass as a handle.


Ignoring all religiously based comments from now on Thanks!


Let's keep the religious debates out of the forums. I'm pretty sure Gamer and Mike that you both will survive if you can allow one more religious user express their views in ways you disagree. If you want to find a religious user to attack, find yourselves a religious forum.


How about you tell the others that they can survive if they can allow some non-religious people express their opinion in a way they disagree. If they want to attack non-religious people, they should fine an atheist forum.

Seriously I'm getting sick of how one sided this place is. You see stupid little religious remarks and when we say something about it we're the ones who are wrong because Jesus was on a god damn cross and we weren't.


Mike: You come to this topic to specifically bash him & his religion, and you still expect people to not be against your view? Seriously.


No I wish for people to stop doing such stupid remarks. Third post in the forum and already a stupid religious comment, only within a few hours. By the time I saw this topic he already did his comment. If it weren't for that, I'm pretty sure these forums would be a lot better and there would probably be a lot more members. Seriously finding a cool forum and before registering you notice it's full of Biblethumpers, people leave and never come back. There should be a rule, any religious comment would be deleted and the member warned and on repeated offense banned. And I mean ANY RELIGIOUS COMMENT. Including "My religion tells me I shouldn't do that" or even any similar to mine. Before saying "Well it's true according to my religion I can't do that, so how else would I say it?", well you have two options.

1. Say "I'd rather not do that".
2. Shut the hell up.

I can already see some saying "Well a lot of people are Christian/Catholic so things against it are offensive, why not just stop people from saying things against the religion instead". Well newsflash, not everyone is Christian/Catholic. There are a ton of other religions out there and some things YOU believe in are offensive to them.


Putting it that way, I think it's a good idea to back down.

*Woo for edits: Redirected, Good idea for me to back down.*