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Sheets buried in the forums

Started by LD-313V Ashyrvir, February 22, 2024, 09:28:57 AM

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LD-313V Ashyrvir

Earlier this week I was hunting for sheet music for "Facing a Huge Reaction" from Metroid Fusion, and couldn't see it on the main Metroid page. Assuming that you guys didn't have it, I started looking elsewhere, until I realized that some of my google searches led back to this site. After a bit of digging I found an old forum post by PetrifiedLasagna where they posted the sheet music in 2016. Is there a reason the track isn't on the main Metroid page? Are there more tracks lost deep within the forums, arranged, waiting to be played, but unseen?

All dramatics aside love you guys and what you do :)


There's a process for submitting sheets to the main site, and sometimes people either don't want to go through the submissions process, or the sheet doesn't end up making it through for some reason or another (often because the person involved becomes inactive). It's not uncommon for people to simply post sheets in their personal arrangement threads.

In the case of that particular track, if someone wanted to submit it, they'd either have to contact the original arranger and get permission to put the sheet through the submission process, or make a new arrangement to submit to the site.
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