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Your Favorite Arrangement

Started by Mr_Chicken, May 16, 2023, 12:13:53 PM

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What is your favorite arrangement on the site?
Personally, mine is Dirtmouth from Hollow Knight, arranged by Maelstrom.
Finally Totk is out and we can put the koroks behind us. What? 900 more?!? Thanks Nintendo.


There's too many good ones to chose from!

But if I have to go with one, it's probably gotta be "For River - Piano (Johnny's Version)" by Olimar12345. Such a great song
-Woofpro, master of cheese


There are many arrangers that I admire and pieces that I like, but here are some standouts

National Park by Olimar12345
- It's presented very neatly and beautifully condenses rich, orchestral harmonies into a solid piano arrangement :3

Foreboding Forest by Bespinben
- The blend of textures and dynamic variation really make good use of the piano, and it's all around fantastic

The Heritors of Arcadia by Libera
- Honestly I just love this song and it's one of the few sheets from here that I actually attempted to learn. It suits the piano quite nicely and they did a great job with the arrangement

While technically not on site, The Deku Trombonist has some really neat stuff like his arrangement of the ACNH main theme on his website. It just looks super clean

And another honorary mention to this beauty's midi xd