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Started by Static, July 02, 2016, 10:47:57 PM

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[PS2] .hack - "rtown2 (Λ Server Cultural City Carmina Gadelica)"
[MID] [MUS] [MUSX] [PDF] [Original]

[MUL] Resident Evil 5 - "Rust in summer 2008"
[MID] [MUS] [MUSX] [PDF] [Original]

Here's another small batch of sheets! I've been playing through the original .hack series lately, and while there isn't that much music, what's there is pretty cool. I especially enjoy the various town and field themes. RE5 is another one I've been replaying a lot; the mercenaries mode never seems to get old. This particular track is from the vs mode, however. More RE to come soon, unless I get distracted again (pretty likely).