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TWG CXXII Marching Band Auditions

Started by TheZeldaPianist275, March 27, 2024, 12:56:00 PM

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word on the street is you guys need one more player.

Quote from: K-NiGhT on April 11, 2024, 11:54:48 AMwow, 20 years

*crumbles into dust and blows away in the wind*


Great to see you again, K-Night!

Sign-ups are full now. Right now I'm planning to start the game sometime tomorrow night, but I'm currently on a road trip and am not certain exactly when it'll be. Stay tuned—looking forward to this!


Update—game will begin tomorrow evening, 4/21, at 8:00 CDT. Roles will be sent out shortly before. Get ready.


And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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