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mario golf or mario tennis release???

Started by dahans, January 03, 2009, 04:28:44 AM

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does anyone know of you when will mario golf or mario tennis be released?????? i cant wait any longer! i hope it will be better than the last games that nintendo braught to market and they were really disappointing fex wii music (well its funny but far too short and far tooooooooo easy) and many more; whats your opinion about this?
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I dont like those games... Theyve just sucked in GC so I really dont wanna buy them..
Wii music.... i have it, Ive taken 15 mins. to finish the game. Its just terrible... it have a lot of intruments but it just sucked...


really? i loved mario power tennis lol, with powershots off it became like mario tennis 4 n64...

and i believe camelot was the one who did both the gcn mario golf/tennis releases, but they haven't been very active on the gaming front recently... so it likely won't be coming soon, or they could just release another golden sun...

also the stupid porting of the gcn games to wii is continuing and mario power tennis is one of the games along with pikmin and dk:jungle beat, so u could get a rehash of the older versions if you wanted...
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this would be a possibility, but anyway i really enjoyed playing mario tennis as well on the GC as on the N64, mario golf was exciting too, but i have to admit i do not own a mario golf game :) however, in the year 2009 there wont be any good game on the wii, that sucks
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