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Xbox Live Gold Memberships.

Started by Brassman388, April 14, 2009, 04:53:06 PM

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Yo, I was wondering if anyone knows how to obtain a free xbox live gold memberships subscription? This would be very helpful.



Well, you get 1 month free when you make a new account.

And there's always

But that's about it. I'd recommend just buying a gold membership. 1 year, $60 is a great deal for what you get. If you try to hack a membership for free or anything, Microsoft can ban you from xbox live.


Alright man, thanks.

That really helps.


is there something where ca be shipped to europe?


Just pay the damn fee.  You can get it extra cheap from Amazon, just get it from there.

me irl

MetroidHunter v26

Free is not gonna happen (unless you type in codes for the next few days or so you might find stuff lol) but in all seriousness it doesn't cost much to get it and if you have a costco it only costs only 40 bucks for a 13 month membership it's a steal!


I feel as if it should only cost $20/year.  That is why I'm only a silver member right now.


Quote from: Harvest on April 25, 2009, 10:05:28 AMI feel as if it should only cost $20/year.  That is why I'm only a silver member right now.

I agree. I only use the Live trial codes that comes with most of the games....
GTA IV gives you a 1 month trial. but most of the game just let you try for 3 days...