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Motion controller?

Started by Tranzlater, January 09, 2010, 12:12:04 PM

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I think that it's cool that sony are doing it, and it looks not only better than the wii but with the PS3 technology will blow it out of the water. Thing is, you also need a camera and this will be LOADS total. Also, there might be gimmicky crap- but the wii is much easier to develop on so the PS3 probably won't get much. And the controller looks terrible (although they said the design will change).
Anyway, it looks better than Natal- the precision is excellent and Natal basically just looks like another EyeToy, only slightly more accurate, although looking at the videos it seems like the wii when it was first released. It also seems like the xbox is moving towards the family range (shudder).
I'm all for the PS3 sensor- Natal looks weird, but hey, it's probably great. Sony do have a habit of copying things- a LOT of things.
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Well it certainly seems more interesting with Sony's motion controller than with Project Natal. Well, the Ps3 motion controller seems to be somewhat better than the Wii's motion controller from what we know so far. The wii might be easier to develop for but most developers are too lazy for developing games right on wii to fully use its' powers, same goes for ps3. X-Box 360 seems easier to develop for plus Project Natal is aimed more to a casual audience so it will most likely get the most shovelware games. As for the Playstation Motion Controller it's aimed more at the hardcore audience even if the main purpose is to bring casuals.


I see the PS3 motion controller as basically a super Wiimote (in a very good way, they actually did it properly).  Natal is a totally different think it seems, but as it was with the Wii, you can't really know what it's like until you experience it.

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I'll bet you $100 it will be generic and cheesy. 

I saw on the news the other day that the Wii is going to get netflix, via wii channel download or something.  It's a for sure thing but I don't know release dates.
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