[GBA] Game & Watch Gallery 2/4 - Multiple Songs

Started by nintenerd542, November 30, 2009, 09:49:06 PM

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I was wondering if pieces from these games mentioned can be made. Here are some songs from both games.

Game & Watch Gallery 2

Game & Watch Gallery 4


Wow, this is an old thread. I was six when this topic was originally posted.

nintenerd542, I doubt you still check these forums, but your request has finally been fulfilled, eleven years later. Parachute is already on the site, and Fire will make it in the next (regular) update. I did choose from G&WG(1) for Fire since G&WG4's OST is tr since it's originally from 1, and 4 doesn't add much. Even though you may have moved on from playing piano since 2009, maybe at some point you'll remember this site, come look at it, and notice that these sheets finally exist. I hope, anyway.
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