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The Comedy Topic

Started by universe-X, November 12, 2009, 07:02:05 PM

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Ok, I have another grading chart for some of those guys that have  grades that aren't up to snuff.

100-  impossible

90- miracle

80- A+

70- you did better than me

60- you did better than the teacher

50- B-

40- C

30- slap on the wrist

20- scholarship

10- I'll try harder tomorrow

0- good job


Kumail Nanjiani gives his experience about riding Coney Island's Cyclone roller coaster:

Funniest Stand-up comdey I've ever seen.

"And I'm from fucking Pakistan!"  :o


Pretty good. Not the funniest I've ever seen but still really good. I'm guessing you're a fan of college humor.

Here's a segment of Louis Black: Black on Broadway. One of my favorite comedians ranting about water and our health.

Quote from: Mashi on March 26, 2013, 05:54:37 PMAfter viewing both FMA:Brotherhood and Naruto Shippuden, it would be frivolous to even consider watching an anime as unbearably mediocre as Melancholy. NARUTOxHINATA 4 LYFE!!!


Bump! You guys have to see this!

Don't Jerk off to this (hilarious, trust me...):


I will never look at a bowl of fruit the same way ever again.


"Hey, what if the pitcher had a note on it that said 'Don't jerk off to this'?"

"hehe, That's crazy..."

"Yeah, it doesn't even have like a- sexy orange in it."