[GB] Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow - "Route 3"

Started by mariomagic22, March 15, 2010, 07:01:12 PM

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Completed and on site

i looked but i didnt find this one...its really good...and i cant find it...
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Always glad to do a quick Pokemon piece.


I had to move the 3rd track an octave lower into bass clef for playability. Other than that, it should be an accurate transcription.

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This is already on site, under the name "Route 2". Though, HM's version is better. It would make a great replacement.

Oh, and the proper name would be "Route 3", as this is the first route you encounter with this music.
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True, but I believe Route 10 (or something similiar, ie Mt. Moon to Cerulean City) is used as the title in most soundtracks featuring this tune.

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