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NBA playoffs!!!

Started by PseudoMario16, April 07, 2010, 05:45:07 PM

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which team do you think will win it all?

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just wondering if theres anybody on NSM who follows the NBA like i do.
heres a list of the teams who i thought had a legit chance of winning - its... its... beautiful!


People watch the NBA? :-\

I learn something new everyday apparently...

Concerto No.20 in D minor

This is how I think the West is going to turn out

LAL 56-26
UTH 54-28
DAL 54-28
DEN 53-29
PHX 52-30
SAS 51-31
POR 50-31
OKC 49-33

Edit:  Oops, forgot to put the Lakers losses on there



Too bad they suck now :(

Concerto No.20 in D minor

Dang, I was off a bit...only by 3 losses though.  Lets see the match ups

Lakers-OKC  I give the OKC a 25% chance...but it'll be Lakers in 6
Dallas-Spurs I bet the Spurs will pull the upset in 6
Suns-Portland  Suns, no doubt, in 6
Denver-Jazz  This is gonna be a good one, but I bet the Jazz win in 6.  If not a sweep D:

Cavs-Bulls  Also a good one, Cavs in 5
Magic-Charlotte  Defense mania O_O Magic in 5
Atlanta-Bucks  Atlanta in 5...actually, this has a good chance for an upset.  So possibly Bucks in 6.
Boston-Miami  Sweep, Boston in 4

From there, we get....

Lakers-Jazz  If Kirilenko is completely healthy, and D-Will plays with confidence, I see no reason why the Jazz should lose.  It's a tough one to call, It will either be Lakers in 6 or Jazz in 7.
Suns-Spurs  Hmm, Run and gun against gritty defense...if Manu, Tim and Tony are all healthy, they will win...if not, Suns in 6

Cavs-Boston  This is good, and the best chance for an upset in the semi's; but the odds are Cavs in 6.
Magic-Atlanta  Magic in 4.  SWEEEEP.

That leaves

Jazz/Lakers-Suns  Hmm.  This one is way too hard to call, it could go to any one of those teams.  If it's Jazz, then Jazz in 6 and if it's Lakers...then Suns in 7.

That leaves Magic and Jazz/Suns.  If it's the Jazz, then they pull the upset, if it's the Suns, then the Magic win the Championship.
Cavs-Magic  I say Magic.  They're way too deep not to win in 6.


Haha, professional sports.

me irl

Concerto No.20 in D minor

Yesh, I predicted the western conference perfectly!  The eastern, pretty close.

So now it's
Lakers-Jazz  This is either going to be Jazz in 6 or Lakers in 7
Suns-Spurs  I don't know...I think the spurs will win.

Cavs-Celtics  Celtics in 7!
Magic-Bucks/Hawks  Magic in 5.