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TWG XII - The Second Great Fairy War

Started by Dude, October 20, 2010, 07:34:32 PM

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TWG XII - The Second Great Fairy War

Several months after the ordeal from Touhou 12.8, Cirno, Daiyousei, and some Nameless Fairies decided to trash the Three Mischevious Fairies' home for kicks and giggles.  Once Sunnymilk and co. returned from doing stuff, they are shocked at the damage done to their home.  Wanting revenge, Sunnymilk, Lunachild, and Star Sapphire decided to go after Cirno and destroy her and her little accomplices by secretly blending in with the other fairies.

Sunnymilk - The leader of the Fairies, seen as a Nameless Fairy
Lunachild - When killed, brings another player down.
Star Sapphire - Able to see what role a non-red player is.

Cirno - Able to make one ice shield per turn in order to protect a player.
Daiyousei - Able to determine what role a player is by using her vast knowledge of her fairy friends.

Nameless Fairy
Nameless Fairy
Nameless Fairy
Nameless Fairy
Nameless Fairy
Nameless Fairy

Extra life - Given to a Nameless Fairy, brings a wolfed player back to life. (During the Night phase)


1. Universe-X
2. winterkid09
3. askalice
4. Jub3r7
5. Concerto
6. Nakah
8. Master_Gamer38
9. Mashi
10. Wrydryn

PMs are out now! Night ends at 6:00 PM(EST) on 10/21/2010


The first game I played, I was a wolf. The next game, I'm a seer.

This time I'm a perfectly boring human (or in this case, a nameless fairy).
It's dangerous to go alone, take me with you! [JUB has joined the party.]


The infamous night one. Now we play the waiting game.


Seer needs to come out, but it should probably wait until Day 1 so that they can reveal their seering results and allow time for any counter-claims.


Feel free to seer me, but if you seer anyone else green...
there is a possiblity of them being sunnymilk.

However, if you seer anyone red or blue, it's a definite giveaway.
It's dangerous to go alone, take me with you! [JUB has joined the party.]


I am a nameless fairy.

lol, Jub3r calm down. For all we know you could be the Sunnymilk. :P



Except the fact that I'm not sunnymilk.
This is my first game being perfectly human, but I'll try to help out as much as I can.
It's dangerous to go alone, take me with you! [JUB has joined the party.]


Night one is over

Sunnymilk, along with the other two Fairies, sucessfully snuck onto the Misty Lake, where Cirno and her friends were located. After ariving, they were able to disguise themselves as other nameless fairies via Sunnymilk's ability. After sunset, Cirno ordered her fellow fairies to "Shut up and go to sleep." They did so. At 2:00 AM, the Three Mischievous Fairies obliterated one of the fairies with danmaku blasts. At sunrise, everyone was in shock at the sight that was in front of them. Master_Gamer38 was dead. Daiyousei exclaimed "There seems to be 3 more fairies here than there were 2 days ago!". Cirno added, "It must be those Three Mischievous Fairies! Eye must stop them from doing this!" A meeting was held for finding one of the Three Mischievous Fairies...

MG is dead. Night one is over. Day 1 ends 10/22/2010 at 6:00PM EST.

Yes, the story is horrible, but I can't think of any other way to do it. -_-



But anyways, I agree with Nakah.  Daiyousei (Seer) should claim now.  After a lengthy period of time with no counterclaims passes, Cirno (Guardian) and the Human with the Extra Life, claim to the Seer through PM.

Once this is done, I would suggest the Seer out his/her result for the Night Phase, since with the Master Wolf, we're going to have to speculate more to find him/her.  And searching for a Master Wolf I feel is most difficult, so we should do so last in order to make fewer mistakes in lynching Humans.  So in other words, the player the Seer seers green for the next few phases should not be lynched, because it leaves a smaller pool of players that could be a red Wolf.
This way, discussion may be promoted, since Humans won't feel left in the dark.

I also would like to advocate the usage of the TWG Chat.  I do this because many of us don't seem to be able to chat with each other using IM services.  I will most likely be there daily from around 5PM through 9 or 10PM and on some occasions, later.


I'm the seer person. Daiyousei.

Umm, I didn't get on before night was over. Sorry. :<


Alright so guardian guard etf from now on. Also etf dont trust your seeings too much because one of the wolves is seered green. So other than that i guess we wait it out until we have more to go off but for now since i forgot i was in the game until i checked it randomly earlier today im going to safety on Nakah


I wanna say Concerto, but I'm holding on that for now. He probably just forgot he was in this game too :P

I wonder who would kill MG first.

Wait, never mind. Statistics and such would make him an easy first target :P


Askalice, because this town is not big enough for the two of us.

AskAlice, because they've set us up the bomb.

AskAlice, for mayor.


I'm gonna say Jub3r7, I don't know why, but he was the first person to post, and i can't figure out why someone would give away themselves as a nameless fairy, it just makes the blue characters easier to find.