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Deku Trombonist:
Submissions General Questions, Comments, etc Thread
This thread is for:

* All General questions and comments about Updates, Posting Submissions, The Formatting Guidelines and anything else really.
* If you've got any suggestions, feel free to also post those here.
This thread is Not for:

* Asking me to look at your submissions. I will get to them when I have time now that I have a properly organised system in place.
* Talking about your submissions for the next update, just edit your post in the Submisison for Next Update topic.

Don't know if this the right thread... but how do I add this metronome marking?
Concerning medleys... does every song need it's individual tempo marking?

Deku Trombonist:
I think I wrote something about this in a previous thread somwhere.

Yup, found it.

--- Quote from: DekuTrombonist on October 06, 2010, 10:06:25 PM ---Btw, You know you can actually create tempo markings that play back correctly as opposed to just text boxes?
In the expressions pop up box, go click on Tempo Markings on the list on the left. Then click the create tempo marking button that has appeared somewhere on the tight side. Then it's pretty self explanatory.
Insert Note, lets you insert a note, the Tempo tab at the top lets you control playback (just tick the one that says to match the text or something like that).

--- End quote ---

If two successive songs have the same tempo, you don't need to rewrite the tempo for the second song but for every song that has a different tempo to the previous one, then yes it does need an individual tempo marking.

Alright thanks.

This is just a suggestion: It would be great (at least for me) if there would be a deadline, that way I know when the update will take place.

Deku Trombonist:
I'd like there to be a weekly deadline but for that, I think there needs to be a steady stream of good arrangements. Also, I have end of school exams in 2 weeks so I can't necessarily promise that I will be able to keep to a deadline for the moment.


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