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Rock Band and other questions

Started by PianoMan, August 30, 2008, 09:24:49 AM

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Should I get Rock Band or Guitar Hero?
How much would a Rock Band with Guitar and drums cost? Guitar hero with one guitar?  All for Wii, of course.
These are things I want to get before New Year's. Which ones should I get? Which ones should I ask for for Christmas? My budget of what I spend my money on is $105.

Rock Band
V-Cube 7
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Kirby All Star Ultra *could probably convince my bro to get this*
Sonic Unleashed
MAYBE a camcorder


Well I saw guitar hero 3 for 40 dollars at gamestop, but it is probably cheaper online. I saw a guitar online for only 20-30 dollars, so you could probably get a bundle for around $60.