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TWG XIV: Winterkid's game SIGNUPS

Started by Nakah, February 23, 2011, 11:02:32 PM

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Sorry about the late notice, but I was having CPU problems D:.


It's dangerous to go alone, take me with you! [JUB has joined the party.]


Well here we go.

1. SlowPokemon
2. SuperFireKirby
3. Drpamplemousse
4. Nakah
5. Jub3r7
6. Super Zombie
7. Concerto No. 20 In D Minor
8. Dude
9. Maretocks
10. Askalice23
11. Antagonism
12. SuperRiolu

Yay the list is complete!

If someone wouldn't mind PM'ing everyone NOT on the list to join, that would save me some hassle.


Ill join in!

I just got back from a massive vacation and just got the PM!
I'm just going to spend my summer here in California doing so many things. There are a lot of things to do here!


woo! its complete! Perhaps we could start now!


Game should start at 9:00 PM Mountain Time (Colorado)


cool... way to piss off everyone on eastern time who cant count back two hours.... pacific is better because it's an even 3... but try making it GMT and really irk everyone! hahaha

It starts in 3.5 hours!

Super Zombie

Winterkid, some suggestions:

1. Can you just use eastern time? I'm not in that time zone, but everyone knows it and can convert quickly, and no one knows mountain time.
2. It takes me forever to read what you say (like in the PM) when that animated avatar is going. Still image avatars ftw!

Judging by how long it took to get this game going, it may be the last one we can manage putting together here, at least for a while, unless we all get back into it. So let's make this as awesome as possible. I like what you did with the roles.