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Author Topic: About this board  (Read 6569 times)

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About this board
« on: March 23, 2018, 06:49:05 AM »

Welcome to the Piano Arrangements board!
(formerly Personal Arrangement Threads)

This is the place where you can share all of your piano arrangements. Each member can make one topic to house their arrangements. If you're new here or new to forums in general, take a look around and see what other arrangers have to done with their topics to give you some ideas.

Your topic is also like your own workshop where you can get help on whatever arranging problem you're having. Whether it's a transcription issue, an arranging issue or you're just stuck halfway, post it and one of our helpful community members will hopefully assist you. To those of you who are more experienced, if you see someone in need of help, don't be afraid to lend a hand. Everybody has something to offer and helping someone is a great way of broadening your horizons and honing your skills as an arranger.

For those of you looking to submit sheets to NSM (and there's no obligation to do so), we recommend that you make a topic here first to ensure your sheets are the best that they can be before you submit them.

Happy arranging!
~ The NinSheetMusic Staff
If you want help with anything, feel free to send me a PM.

I have a YouTube channel.

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