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Author Topic: Tales of Insanity From Creative Writing Class  (Read 1367 times)


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Tales of Insanity From Creative Writing Class
« on: September 08, 2011, 12:11:38 AM »

So basically I just make insanely odd stories for every assignment in my Creative Writing class. And I think they may be worth sharing.

Assignment #1: Newspaper article involving a fight at 1 a.m on Mainstreet

     Last night at around 1 a.m. , a large fight broke out on Main Street between local rival conservative and liberal factions. What began as a bare knuckle brawl quickly escalated as the conservatives, which all of whom were NRA members, began shoostin up the whole place. The liberals quickly retreated back to the Bat Cave to begin plotting their revenge. Later in the morning, they unleashed an army of jelly beans and LAZER WHALES upon the conservatives. An estimated 6000 children had their candy forcefully taken from them during the attack.

Assignment #2: Write aboot 3 things that are silly(in a certain format).

1. Silly is Stephen Tyler's gigantic lips which could literally be used as a make-shift runway for a space shuttle.

2. Silly is the irrelevance of that last statement because Obama shut down the space program. Jerks.

3.Silly is Glen Beck and his chalk board for demonstrating points that already didn't make any sense but make even less sense after he explains them with his chalk board.

Assignment #3: A bad guy cowboy just walked into a saloon. Make a story that has a happy ending.

The bad man kicked down the door of the saloon with the force of one thousand whale-mobiles. But unfortunately for him, our hero was enjoying a nice plate of STEAMING HOT FREEDOM, washing it down with a tall glass of ICE COLD FREEDOM. Once done with his oh so tasty meal, he pimp slapped the bad man into a china cabinet. The day had been saved!


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