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Author Topic: The Great NSM Pokemon Adventure!  (Read 13225 times)


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Re: The Great NSM Pokemon Adventure!
« Reply #75 on: October 09, 2013, 04:43:44 AM »

Chapter 75: Concerto's Grand Finale

"...And would you look at that!" Nik called from down stadium. "There's yet another decisive victory here in Maron City by none other than Davy! Not to mention an extremely dramatic exit by Jari! Congratulations on your win, Davy!"

"Thanks, I think?" Davy said, extremely confused as to what happened at the end of his battle. He shrugged it off and went back up to take his seat.

"Our next match-up should be ready momentarily!" Nik cried. The name board flashed, showing lots of faces yet unbattled, finally landing on that of Concerto, and again, another black screen, signaling something big had happened. "Ah, ladies and gentlemen, once again, we have an Elite Four member here to take on one of these ruthless challengers! Jon, come on out!"

A young man stepped out of the dark sidelines onto the newly-regenerated battlefield, looking determined as he smiled at the crowd that gazed upon him. The crowd roared with excitement as their famed celebrity took his stand to battle Concerto's worthy opposition.

Concerto smirked at his competition, thinking about the pure irony of his challenger being an Elite Four member, and finally came out with a short and sweet, "Good luck, Jon!" while mumbling obscenities under his breath. Jon returned the favor.

Nik turned to Concerto, "Concerto, what Pokémon would you like to start out with?"

"My Sudowoodo of course!" Concerto tossed the tree Pokemon's Poke Ball into the air, releasing the rock-hard Pokemon onto the field.

"Hah!" Jon piped up. "You think you're rock hard? I'll show you a real team- of solid steel!" with that, Jon's Poke Ball unleashed a horrid sight onto the battlefield: a massive Steelix that rose almost to the top of the open stadium.

"Sudowoodo versus Steelix!" Nik cried. "Begin!"

Jon made the first move, crying out to his Pokemon, "Steelix, let's wrap this up quickly! Use Iron Tail!" the giant metal snake-like creature swiftly obeyed, swaying its massive rear in the direction of Concerto's Sudowoodo.

Concerto, worried, commanded Sudowoodo to retaliate before the blow struck his rough-skinned pal. "Quick, Sudowoodo, counter his attack with Hammer Arm!" Suddenly, the stone, tree-like Pokemon raised its bonsai fingers and, forming a slight fist, swung at the oncoming Steelix tail. A deafening clang of metal against stone rang out over the field, near deafening the audience and causing much damage to both Pokemon.

Jon's Steelix slowly worked its way back into fighting position, but by that time, Concerto had already ordered his Sudowoodo to throw consecutive Rock Slides on the pokemon, damaging it as it rose to attack. "Steelix, get rid of that thing with your Fire Fang!" Jon shouted. Promptly, his Steelix grabbed the flailing Pokemon in its mouth and pressed against it with its mighty steel teeth. As it pressed, the Steelix's mouth seemed to be aflame with its own passion. Eventually, after a great toss-up, Jon's Steelix threw Concerto's Sudowoodo aside, but to no avail- fire wasn't very effective against rock-types.

Concerto made his final move towards Steelix, shouting, "Alright, Sudowoodo, this is your chance- win this with an Earthquake attack!" Appearing as if it had been done thousands of times before, Concerto's  Sudowoodo leapt across the stadium in an acrobatic manner, reaching as high of a point as it could possibly go. Jon and his Steelix were mesmerized by the Pokemon's fast movement as the Sudowoodo effortlessly jumped off of the highest point in the stadium, plummeting towards the ground nearest Steelix. Jon caught notice of the plan and ordered his Pokemon, "Steelix, move now!" but it was too late. A dust cloud had risen from the place Steelix had settled, and the gargantuan steel snake now rested upon the battlefield, fainted.

"Steelix is unable to battle!" Nik called. "Sudowoodo wins!"

"Well, I can't say this battle won't be a tough one," Jon said as he retrieved another Poke Ball from his roster. "Mawile, come on out!" Throwing the Poke Ball into the air, the short Pokemon with jaws for hair popped out, prepped for battle.

"Sudowoodo versus Mawile!" Nik shouted. "Begin!"

Sudowoodo sat across the battlefield, looking at the rough-necked steel-type and suddenly found itself instantly attracted to the Mawile. "Sudowoodo, what are you doing?!" Concerto cried. "Quick, use Low Kick on her, Sudowoodo!" The command was no use. Sudowoodo was helplessly galavanting towards the Mawile, while Jon looked on with a smug, almost devilish smile on his face. By instantly using Attract as Mawile exited the Poke Ball, his plan began to take motion all on its own.

"Mawile, reject this fool with a nice Rock Smash!" Jon ordered. And the Mawile ran at full force towards Sudowoodo, using it's small hands to send the poor love bird soaring. Sudowoodo landed onto the floor of the arena with a huge thud.

"Sudowoodo is unable to battle!" Nik ruled. "Mawile wins!"

Concerto was devastated to have his first Pokemon be fainted, after it's hard initial efforts. Quickly, he swapped Pokemon to his equally hard-working and energetic Kabutops.

"Kabutops versus Mawile!" Nik announced. "Begin!"

Concerto already had a plan ready. "Kabutops, use Dig, now!" he commanded. At a moment's notice, the ancient Pokemon immediately leapt into the ground, practically vanishing from the battlefield.

Jon was befuddled. "Where could it be lurking?" he asked himself, silently. Not wanting to waste any time in his strategy, Jon paused for a moment and gazed up at the sun. It's glorious beams shined down upon the battlefield, lighting up the entire stadium. If only he could use this to his own advantage...and there was his plan. "Mawile, I want you to go in the center of the field and stare at the sun," Jon ordered, and his Pokemon obeyed, quickly picking up on the quick-fix idea.

The entire crowd was stunned at what a bold move the Elite Four member had just made. This could cost him his spot in the Top 16!

Smirking, Concerto's confidence level gained a serious boost as he watched Jon's helpless Mawile stand in the battlefield, doing absolutely nothing. Soon, it was time for Kabutops to reappear, done so by a simple call. "Kabutops, show yourself! Attack!"

The shellfish Pokemon soared out of the ground and hovered in the air for a split second, glaring down at the almost lifeless Mawile.

The next moment consisted of much action: as Kabutops fell towards Mawile, it's claws prepared for impact, Jon caught Mawile's attention, uttering but two words under his breath. "Solarbeam. Now."

And so it was.

Kabutops flew into the stadium wall and damaged a pillar; the steel-type had collected much more solar energy due to its reflective skin in the position of the late afternoon sunlight, producing an optimum attack that subsequently KO'd Kabutops. Jon was up by one, and Concerto had a lot of catching up to do in this battle.

"Kabutops is unable to battle!" Nik shouted out. "Mawile wins!"

Marty and Kelsey were cheering on Concerto alongside the rest of the group, when Kelsey nudged Marty and said, "You know, this is pretty much how I would've imagined this battle to go."

Marty was slightly confused. "Yeah? What do you mean by that?"

"Well, I don't know exactly, I just feel as though I can predict the outcome of this particular battle," Kelsey explained. Marty shrugged, and Kelsey continued. "Eh, I guess it shouldn't mean much, anyways. GO CONCERTO!"

Concerto had no time to waste. He quickly grabbed his last available Poke Ball and threw it into action. It was his Golurk.

"Golurk versus Mawile!" Nik announced. "Begin!"

"Golurk! Use Magnitude as you hit the ground!" The ghostly robot Pokemon tuck-and-rolled as it left its Poke Ball and landed on the ground with tremendous force, about the size of a magnitude 7 earthquake.

The shockwaves traveled quickly to the anticipating Mawile, who was unable to escape the impending attack. Mawile was knocked off of its feet, sustaining much damage. Jon knew exactly how to handle Golurk, but he would have to sacrifice one of his own Pokemon.

It's worth it, Jon thought. There was no better way than to let his remaining team member take care of Concerto's last Pokemon.

Knowing the consequences, Jon ordered Mawile to use Vicegrip on the enormous Golurk. The small steel type ran up to the towering Pokemon and opened it's teeth-for-hair mouth, clapping its head-jaws around its leg, or...not?

In the moment which the jaws should have impacted Golurk,  Mawile simply fell to the ground. There was no affect whatsoever.

"What's this?" Nik cried. "A normal type move by Jonathan against a Ghost type? Unbelievable!"

Concerto saw his chance, just as Jon had planned. "Alright, Golurk! Wrap this one up with a great DynamicPunch!" Golurk looked at the Mawile on the ground as it began to fly up into the air by its rocketed feet. With precise aim, Golurk's flight ended, turning into a triumphant dive to the earth fist-first at Mawile. Mawile looked up into the sky ever so slightly, and the last thing it saw before it fainted was the heated passion in Golurk's eyes as it dove down to meet it. A huge dust cloud shot out from Golurk's landing point, causing everyone to rub their eyes and cough. Mawile was out.

"Mawile is unable to battle!" Nik called. "Golurk wins!"

Jon held out his last Poke Ball in his hand, and with a simple prayer of luck, he threw his final Pokemon into battle. With a body as fast as lightning, a stare as menacing as the evil in one's heart, and a poise seemingly taken directly from an action movie, a Bisharp had entered the field. This was no ordinary Bisharp, though. Instead of the normal red color of a Bisharp, this one was shiny blue.

Davy was shocked. "He has a Bisharp, too!"

"That should make for a good battle tomorrow, if he wins," Ben said.

"Golurk versus Bisharp!" Nik declared. "Begin!"

Concerto was so close. Quickly, he began to think of a plan to win against the frightening Bisharp. There was one possibility, but it was a long shot.

His thinking was interrupted by the shouting of Jon's voice. "Bisharp, use Foresight, and then let 'em have a Hyper Beam!" Within the next few seconds, Bisharp ran at almost blinding speed to Golurk, examining it, and then backed up for a close-range Hyper Beam attack. Golurk couldn't avoid it now- Foresight had removed it's type immunity, allowing both Normal and Fighting type moves to damage it.

Golurk was thrown back tremendously, however, it allowed for the perfect execution of Concerto's plan. Concerto laughed. "Golurk, begin your Focus Punch!"

Golurk stood up, and silently held itself together. It focused on it's inner goal: to help it's trainer win the tournament, which could only be done by winning battles such as this. All sound was gone from Golurk's mind. The only thoughts that remained were about the battle. He had to focus...

Meanwhile, Bisharp had slowly began to recover from the powerful attack it had deployed just before, and attempted to go after Golurk in its currently frozen state. That would break its focus, as well as its attack. There was no way to lose.

Unfortunately for Bisharp, Golurk could feel the changes in the pressure of the ground around him, knowing that something was coming closer. Inside, it smiled. The attack was ready. Without even opening its eyes, Golurk reached out its arms, and swung its whole body around with incredible force, eventually impacting with the unsuspecting Bisharp.

Jon was in awe. "Wh-What!?" he cried. Bisharp was incredibly weakened by the full-force Fighting-type move, but wasn't ready to faint yet. One could tell just by looking at it.

Both Golurk and Bisharp were seriously damaged, and on the verge of fainting. The battle wasn't over yet, however. The two Pokemon looked at each other, as did their trainers. Both Jon and Concerto grinned. They each had a chance at winning. Almost simultaneously, they both called for an attack.

"Bisharp, run up and use Assurance on Golurk!" Jon cried.

"Golurk, Bulldoze straight into Bisharp!" Concerto ordered.

The two Pokemon charged at one another. Bisharp prepared it's hand, now glowing a strange dark purple, for impact. Golurk sprinted towards its opponent, scooping up a lot of dirt and pushing it intentionally as a bulldozer might.

The last moments of the battle were a blur for everyone, including the audience. Both super-effective moves collided with each other, with Bisharp's hand colliding with the pile of dirt picked up by Golurk, yet it still managed to take a majority of the blow, scattering another dust cloud over the stadium.

Once it cleared, both Pokémon were lying on the stadium floor. "This can't be!" Nik exclaimed. "A tie between a challenger and a member of the Elite Four? How serendipitous!" The crowd gasped. Nik turned to see what they were gasping at.

With every ounce of what it had left inside, Bisharp slowly began to pick itself back up off of the ground. As it got to a stand, Nik came over the intercom again. "Wow! There you have it, folks! It appears our winner is Jonathan, of the Elite Four! Congratulations, Jon, you're moving into the Top 16!"

Jonathan smiled at the cheering crowd, and went over to shake Concerto's hand. "You were great, man. So close. Maybe another time, we can try that again. What do you say?"

Concerto, still feeling slightly depressed at his tremendous loss, began to smile. "That'd be great, Jon. It really would."

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Re: The Great NSM Pokemon Adventure!
« Reply #76 on: January 21, 2014, 04:58:52 AM »

Chapter 76: Kelsey’s Determination

“We’ve only got two battles left!” Nik told everyone. “Let’s see who’s next!” The screen didn’t even bother cycling through the remaining images; it just showed up with two images. One was of Kelsey, and the other was the fourth and final Elite Four member.

“It looks like Kelsey will be challenging the last Elite Four member, Ryan!” Nik observed. “I hope you’re all ready for another exciting match!” The crowd cheered as Kelsey shuffled out onto the battlefield.

“This challenger is no newbie, folks,” Nik said. “He recently tied for first in a huge tournament in his far-off home region of Alyos. We should expect to see a lot of Kelsey throughout the whole tournament!” The crowd applauded mildly, still unsure of this unknown Trainer.

“Kelsey’s opponent today is the fourth member of the Elite Four,” Nik continued. “Last, but certainly not least, let’s hear it for Ryan!” The crowd immediately exploded into applause and cheers as a young man in a classy looking suit strode out into the arena, his shaggy, brown hair waving slightly in the gentle breeze.

“It’s Wry-ry!” Francois exclaimed. “It’s been ages since I’ve seen him!”

“He seems to be doing quite well,” Ruto noted, taking notice of the ladies in the crowd barely containing the drool in their mouths.

“Ryan, you are required to choose first,” Nik reminded him.

“Of course,” Ryan said. “Let’s make this battle a work of art!” He grabbed a Poke Ball and spun around gracefully a few times before throwing it out. “I choose Luxray!” The majestic feline leapt out of the Ball and touched gracefully down on the floor without a sound.

“I choose Magmortar!” Kelsey announced, plainly tossing the Ball with absolutely no flair. The large Fire-type Pokemon crashed onto the field. It had evolved since its last battle back in Alyos.

“Luxray versus Magmortar!” Nik declared. “Begin!”

“Luxray, let’s start things off with a nice Thunderbolt!” Ryan decided. Luxray quickly conjured up a bolt of yellow lightning that headed straight towards Magmortar.

Kelsey smiled. “I love it when two equally powerful types fight! Magmortar, answer with Flamethrower!” Magmortar held out its cannon-like arm and sent a scorching stream of fire at Luxray’s attack. The two attacks met and cancelled each other out with an explosion that rocked the whole building. The explosion wasn’t the source of the building’s movement, though. Magmortar had used Earthquake while simultaneously stopping Luxray’s Thunderbolt with Flamethrower. Luxray, being weak to such a powerful move, was done for immediately.

“Luxray is unable to battle!” Nik said. “Magmortar takes the win!”

Cheers began to intensify for Kelsey as Ryan withdrew his fallen Luxray. “Not bad!” he admitted. “I never saw that flash of brilliance coming.”

“What can I say?” Kelsey said, almost showing a bit of smug confidence. “I guess I’m just full of surprises!”

“I guess I’ll just have to go all out, then.” Ryan said, throwing out another Poke Ball. “I choose Hippowdon!” The giant hippo Pokemon stormed onto the field, bringing in a huge sandstorm that blew around coarse bits of debris that seemed to hurt Magmortar slightly.

“Hippowdon versus Magmortar!” Nik said. “Begin!”

Kelsey knew he was at a great disadvantage against a Ground-type like Hippowdon, but there was nothing he could do about it because he was unable to switch Magmortar out. “Use Flamethrower!” he cried, attempting to at least weaken his opponent a little bit.

“Hippowdon, Earthquake!” Ryan ordered, eager to knock out Magmortar. Hippowdon hopped a few inches off the ground, as high as it could go, and crashed back down to the ground with great force. The shock waves from the quake caused Magmortar to faint immediately.

“Magmortar is unable to battle!” Nik declared. “Hippowdon wins!”

Kelsey, not wanting to waste any more time, immediately recalled Magmortar and sent out his Chatot.

*   *   *

“That’s such an awful idea,” Roz said, shaking her head.

“What’s wrong with it?” Taylor asked.

“Kelsey’s just assuming that Hippowdon only knows Ground-type moves, which wouldn’t affect Chatot,” Marty explained. “He’s making a huge mistake.”

*   *   *

“Hippowdon versus Chatot!” Nik said. “Begin!”

“Chatot, take flight!” Kelsey said. Chatot spread its wings and took to the sky.

“Are you serious?” Ryan asked. “Did you really think that Hippowdon only knew Earthquake?”

“That’s kinda what I was hoping for,” Kelsey admitted.

“That’s so foolish!” Ryan scoffed. “Hippowdon, take Chatot down with Stone Edge!” Ryan’s Pokemon let out an awe-inspiring roar as it stamped on the ground. Suddenly, hundreds of pointed rocks shot straight up in the air and mercilessly bombarded Chatot until it could take no more and plummeted to the ground below.

“Chatot is unable to battle!” Nik judged. “Hippowdon wins!”

Ryan pouted. “That wasn’t very pretty. We’re trying to make a work of art through our battle. You’re being rather dull, you know.”

“Just wait and see,” Kelsey said. “Like I said before, I’m full of surprises! I choose Pikachu!”

*   *   *

“Oh my god,” Roz moaned. “He’s just eliminated himself.”

“What are you talking about?” Eric asked in disbelief. “He’s probably won the whole thing!” The others all looked back at him as if he were crazy. “Oh!” he cried. “You guys don’t know about Kelsey’s Pikachu, do you?”

“What’s so special about his Pikachu?” Jordan asked.

“You’ll see,” Eric said, grinning up a storm.

*   *   *

“Pikachu versus Hippowdon!” Nik shouted. “Begin!”

“It’s over!” Ryan declared. “Hippowdon, let’s wrap this up with an Earthquake!” Hippowdon jumped again and created yet another shockwave that made the building shudder under the stress. As the shock waves travelled across the arena, Kelsey began to smile.

“Now!” he cried with glee. “Pikachu, Surf!” The little yellow mouse suddenly conjured up a huge wave of water and shot it towards Hippowdon. The giant wall of water managed to stop the Earthquake and sent a waterlogged Hippowdon crashing into the wall, unable to move.

“Hippowdon is unable to battle!” Nik said in disbelief. “Pikachu wins!”

The crowd went absolutely insane. How had such a small Pokemon like Pikachu been able to use such a ridiculously powerful move like Surf? Especially considering the little mouse wasn’t thought to even be able to learn the Water-type move. The battle had finally become two-sided for the first time.

“You’re so unpredictable!” Ryan praised. “I love it! Just when I think I’ve won, you come back with something like this! Brilliant!”

“Thanks!” Kelsey said, blushing a little. “I guess this is it now, huh?”

“It looks that way,” Ryan said, smiling. “I was a little disappointed with this battle at first, but now this has turned into a great work of art! Now let’s finish this masterpiece! Go, Gallade!” Ryan threw out his final Poke Ball with as much gusto as he could manage, and the alternate final form of Ralts sprang out like a ninja.

“Pikachu versus Gallade!” Nik shouted. “Begin!”

“Psycho Cut!” Ryan shouted preemptively. A mysterious purple energy formed around Gallade’s blade hand, and it slashed with a grunt and sent a blade of energy screaming straight for Pikachu.

“Counter with Electro Ball!” Kelsey ordered. Pikachu gathered a mass of electricity at the tip of its tail and condensed it into a ball. It jumped into the air and flicked the ball at Gallade’s Psycho Cut. The two attacks exploded, covering the whole battlefield in a cloud of dust.

“Now, find it and use Iron Tail!” Kelsey yelled into the dust cloud.

“Stay alert!” Ryan cried. There was an eerie moment of silence as a hush fell over the crowd. Finally, a loud clang like two blades clashing in the night reverberated through the entire city. The clash made a pure sound, as if someone had hit a tuning fork. The powerful sound waves managed to clear the dust cloud. Everyone could see Pikachu and Gallade locked in a struggle. Gallade had to use both of its hands to stop Pikachu’s tail from knocking it out.

“Gallade, use Psychic!” Ryan ordered desperately. Gallade concentrated its Psychic powers and lifted Pikachu off of it. Gallade then tossed Pikachu across the arena, sending it skidding to a stop in front of Kelsey. The poor yellow mouse got up slowly, not ready to give up yet.

“Let’s end this!” Ryan said, pointing to Kelsey. “Gallade, Focus Blast!”

As Gallade charged its final attack, Kelsey got a crazy idea. “Pikachu, I want you to charge straight at Gallade with a Volt Tackle!” Pikachu nodded and ran straight for Gallade. After rapidly gaining speed, an overcoat of electricity surrounded it. Pikachu quickly got closer and closer to Gallade, who wasn’t done charging its attack, and Ryan started to panic.

“Gallade, fire the attack!” Ryan cried. Gallade fired the incomplete Focus Blast just a second too late, as Pikachu was right next to it when the attack hit. The unfinished attack was quickly dispatched by Pikachu, and it slammed into Gallade with all its might. Gallade couldn’t handle the force of Pikachu’s tackle, and it fell to the ground, defeated.

“Gallade is unable to battle!” Nik screamed with delight. “Pikachu wins, and that means that this battle’s big victor is Kelsey!” The crowd went bonkers again as the two competitors met in the middle of the arena to shake hands.

“Excellent job, Kelsey,” Ryan said, extending out his hand. “That was the greatest battle I’ve had in a long time.”

“Same here!” Kelsey admitted. “We should do it again sometime.”

“For sure,” Ryan told him. “I wish you luck in the rest of the tournament. I have a feeling that you could go all the way.”

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Re: The Great NSM Pokemon Adventure!
« Reply #77 on: January 06, 2015, 07:48:29 AM »

Chapter 77: Oh, K?

“Well, folks,” Nik said as the sun was preparing to set, “I know you’ve been sitting around all day watching these battles, but I am happy to report that this next match is the last one for today!” The masses cheered as if they were starting to get impatient. The first day of the tournament had felt as if it had been going on for years. Eric, knowing that it was finally his turn after a seriously long wait, was already down in the arena waiting for his opponent, the mysterious K, who was nowhere to be seen. In fact, nobody had even come across the mute, mummy-wrapped boy for the whole day.

“What happens if he doesn’t show?” Kelsey wondered.

“I assume he’s just disqualified,” Marty guessed. “Not showing up for a match is usually frowned upon in these types of events.”

Nik checked his Pokénav for the time, and after a few minutes, he put it away and brought the microphone up to his face. “Well, folks, it appears that one of our contestants, K, hasn’t shown up to his match on time. Therefore, according to League protocol, he is eliminated from the tournament by default!” The crowd started to groan and carry on as Nik continued. “So, on that sour note, I guess I have to conclude today’s events! Thank you all for your patience, and I hope to see you all back here tomorrow for some more exciting Pokemon battles! Have a great evening!” Slightly disappointed by the underwhelming end to the first round, the crowd slowly shuffled out of the stadium on the top floor of the Maron Building and went back to their lodgings for the night. While that was happening, Nik looked up at the competitors’ seating area.

“Can I have the trainers moving on to the next round come down here?” He asked. “I need to go over a few things with you about tomorrow.” The sixteen remaining competitors made their way quickly down to the stadium floor, where Nik was waiting for them.

“What’s up?” Jordan asked.

“I want all of you here and ready to battle tomorrow morning,” he said sternly. “I won’t tolerate any more of this no-show nonsense, nor will I put up with any rule-breaking or forfeiting. You’re stuck here now, got it?”

“Got it,” a few of them muttered sheepishly.

“Good,” Nik smiled, being his usual cheery self again. “Get to sleep early tonight! You’ll need your full strength for tomorrow.” He walked out of the arena, leaving everyone there. The other trainers who were still hanging around came down to meet with everyone else who was going on in the tournament.

“What do we do now?” Davy asked. “Isn’t Otso having his wedding or something tonight?”

“Oh, yeah!” Nebu remembered. “We all better get ready for that, huh?”

“What are we waiting for?” Roz wondered. “Let’s get ready to party!”

“Well, let’s get ready to sit through a wedding, THEN to party!” Stepney corrected.

“Don’t ruin my moment, Step,” Roz frowned. Everyone laughed and left the arena except for Marty. He looked around a bit before throwing out Lucario’s Poke Ball.

“Lucario, I want you to find out where Jari is with your aura,” he ordered. “He left after his battle with Davy and never came back.”

I’m on it, Lucario acknowledged, closing his eyes to focus his aura. After a few seconds, the Aura Pokemon snapped his eyes open again. I’ve got it, he said. He’s a few floors down, in an office building with a few other unidentified people.

“Let’s go pay them a visit, shall we?” Marty asked rhetorically. The two of them ran off to confront Jari.

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Re: The Great NSM Pokemon Adventure!
« Reply #78 on: April 01, 2015, 06:35:55 AM »

Chapter 420: WELP

Marty woke up in his bed in the Maron Tower. He groggily got up and wiped his eyes.

"Man, I slept like a log last night," he said. "I hope I got up in time for the second round!" After grabbing his Bag from the ground next to him, Marty opened the door from his room and was immediately greeted with an unexpected sight.

It was gone. All of it.

The entire Terrari Region had been reduced to rubble, and all that remained was Marty's room. He had no idea where everyone was, or if they were even alive.

"Well then," he said to himself. "Looks like I slept in a little too late this time."


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