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TWG XXXV: Professor Layton Sign Ups!!

Started by Kman96, July 10, 2012, 04:00:36 PM

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TWG XXXV: Professor Layton

To my dear friend, NSM,

What we witnessed in that small village of Ellivflow may have been one of the most intricate and curious cases the professor and I have ever been through. Although I never forget any of our adventures together, I'm sure that the professor and I will often look back on this case as one of our greatest.

It all began when the professor received a mysterious letter in the mail...

"Professor Layton, help! We have identified eleven rogue residents in our village and we know that three of them are confirmed criminals! However...we can't quite seem to tell which ones are the outlaws!

1.   Master Wolf – Don Paolo (seered Green)
2.   Wolf Painter– Jean Descole
3.   Wolf – Villager
4.   Miller – Stachenscarfen (is told he is a villager)
5.   Seer – Granny Riddleton
6.   Guardian – Barton (cannot guard self)
7.   Human – Villager
8.   Human – Villager
9.   Human – Villager
10.   Human – Villager
11.   Human – Villager
12.   Human – Villager

(NPC's: Layton, Luke, Chelmey, Flora

-Reviver Item: Only given out on night phase 2 & 4, must solve special puzzle distributed day phase 1 and 3. The reviver item will revive ONE player for the follwin day phase. The player may give his/her opinions and vote.

-  Psychic item (x2): One psychic item will be distributed to the first two players who correctly answer the puzzle distributed during the day phase. This item will tell how many wolves are left.

Both psychic items will be distributed randomly on night one ONLY. Items will be only usable the Night phase you receive them, so i suggest you use them when you can! You snooze you lose.)

Our village may be in serious danger, so we are in dire need of your help!

Sincerely, (and helplessly),
Mayor Paolo Paul"

So, unafraid of what may lie ahead, the Professor and I set out to help the village of Ellivflow...

Not afraid of a little puzzle, eh?

Sign Up!
1.Professor Spitllama
2.Professor Spyro
3.Professor Jubert
4.Professor MaestroUGC
5.Professor FSM-Reapr
6.Professor shadowkirby
7.Professor the_last_sheikah
8.Professor SlowPokemon
9.Professor Dude
10.Professor K-NiGhT
11.Professor Mashi
12.Professor Wrydryn
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Never played Layton foolery but in I am!

I want to play really badly, but if you can't find a co-host then I'll absolutely do it.
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Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on April 28, 2015, 06:48:06 PM
what are you doing stop making nsm a better place by spreading happiness


Quote from: K-NiGhT on July 10, 2012, 04:06:11 PMI can co-host :0

Do you know if blueflower999 is still interested? because I'm A-OK with either of you, but I need to know ASAP, so then I can use my special deciding process. its a good thing we have a little under a week before I need you. 

I suppose I should explain: I leave for camp on Saturday and I will be gone for a week. I need a cohost to take my spot while I am gone to make sure things go over smoothly. other than that, I will be writing the story and gathering puzzles! and then I dont really need much help after that. Thank you to anyone who is interested.
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It's dangerous to go alone, take me with you! [JUB has joined the party.]


Try to do everything; you're bound to succeed with at least one.


Waha. I made you all professors :3

TAKE THAT, College!
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IN I'm GONNA SUCK, but here goes nothing!


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Quote from: FSM-Reapr on July 10, 2012, 04:49:34 PMIN I'm GONNA SUCK, but here goes nothing!

I'm sure you'll be fine. Just read this: ^^^this is your key to playing this game. Read it over a few times, and it should sink in. Trust me. My fIrst game was awful, because I didn't read the rules very well.

Have faith. You can do it.

Quote from: spitllama on July 10, 2012, 04:53:30 PMYay new player
Also, this.

EDIT: Ninja'd by Spitllama.
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@Kman Wayyyyyyyyyy ahead of you, read 3 times

EDIT: I'M A PROFESSOR! NOW I DON'T HAVE TO SPEND 7 YEARS IN THE ACADEMY! This is the happiest moment of my life. :') Oh, wait...



Bulbear! Blueflower999


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