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TWG XXXV: Professor Layton

Started by Kman96, July 14, 2012, 01:18:08 AM

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TWG XXXV: Professor Layton

1.   Master Wolf – Don Paolo (seered Green)
2.   Wolf Painter– Jean Descole
3.   Wolf – Villager
4.   Miller – Stachenscarfen (is told he is a villager)
5.   Seer – Granny Riddleton
6.   Guardian – Barton (cannot guard self)
7.   Human – Villager
8.   Human – Villager
9.   Human – Villager
10.   Human – Villager
11.   Human – Villager
12.   Human – Villager

   It was a quiet evening in the small town of Ellivflow. Crickets chirped, the moon shone brightly, and fog rolled throughout the streets. Lights of various buildings flickered on and off.
   Suddenly, a man in a black top hat dashed around a street corner. A young boy dressed in blue tagged shortly behind him.
   "Professor, what are you saying?!" the boy cried. His name was Luke Triton, and he quickly ran beside the man.
   The man, dressed in a black suit and a top hat with a red stripe on the brim, looked down at Luke. He was Professor Hershel Layton, a popular archaeologist at Gressenheller University. "I believe I've finally cracked the mystery behind this village, Luke. And frankly, I don't believe the people in that restaurant are safe!" The man ran faster down the street towards a highly decorated dinner theatre.
   Luke followed. "But professor, what does that mean?" The two burst through the restaurant doors. The room was filled with all kinds of lights, glimmering throughout the whole building, which was nearly empty, except for twelve people whom Luke and the Professor had been recently investigating.
   The grotesque faces of the villagers quickly turned into surprise as the two dashed into the restaurant. Shortly behind them was a tall man with long, flat black hair, dark eyes, a short, sad mustache, and a permanent, grimacing frown.
   "Oi, Layton." he called. "I sure hope you're righ' about this one. I left the Yard as soon as I got yer message." He looked at Flora, a young girl just behind him, who was wearing an orange dress.
   "Hi Professor! Hi Luke!" she called. Luke smiled at her.
   Then the Professor turned to the people in the restaurant, and said to them, "You should all know why I am here. Some of you know why you are here. But all of you..." the professor paused (Clearly for dramatic effect). "...have some explaining to do."

NPC's: Layton, Luke, Chelmey, Flora

-Reviver Item: Only given out on night phase 2 & 4, must solve special puzzle distributed day phase 1 and 3. The reviver item will revive ONE player for the follwin day phase. The player may give his/her opinions and vote.

-  Psychic item (x2): One psychic item will be distributed to the first two players who correctly answer the puzzle distributed during the day phase. This item will tell how many wolves are left.

Both psychic items will be distributed randomly on night one ONLY. Items will be only usable the Night phase you receive them, so i suggest you use them when you can! You snooze you lose.

1.Professor Spitllama
2.Professor Spyro
3.Professor Jubert
4.Professor MaestroUGC
5.Professor FSM-Reapr
6.Professor shadowkirby
7.Professor the_last_sheikah
8.Professor SlowPokemon
9.Professor Dude
10.Professor K-NiGhT
11.Professor Mashi
12.Professor Wrydryn

PM's look like:

Wolf PM:
QuoteHello! Just to inform you, your role in this game is a wolf. Your partners are X and X.
Dont forget to PM everything to me and Blueflower999.

Good Luck, and remember,
every puzzle has an answer...

Villager PM:
QuoteHello! Just to inform you, your role in this game is a human.
Dont forget to PM everything to me and Blueflower999.

Good Luck, and remember,
every puzzle has an answer...

PMs and Items have been distributed.

Night Phase 1 Begins! It ends Sunday, July 15 at 7 PM AST/ 8 PM PST/ 9 PM MST/ 10 PM CST/ 11 PM EST

Party Hard!




Quote from: FSM-Reapr on July 14, 2012, 06:19:02 AMWhat does that mean?

It just means that I got my role, and I am confirming here so the host knows I got mine.


Ok, I got my role too.

Psst, what wolves do?  ::) :P

Just kidding.


Posting for notifications.

Also nooooo I'm so bad at puzzles why didn't I see this earlier.
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