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TWG XXXVIII: Snakes on a Plane

Started by the_last_sheikah, September 01, 2012, 12:58:16 PM

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Poisonings are different from wolfings in that the poison kills the poisoned at the end of the night after the player was poisoned.  The doctor (presumably still alive) and the mushroom (randomly distributed every night phase) can cure poisons.  Two poisons are randomly distributed for use every night phase.  The wolves also have a poisoner who is still alive because nobody red is dead.

As for posts of importance, I'll just go with all the suspicion lists that have been posted and a few other posts.  Focus more on the more recent suspicion lists and the others that weren't suspicion lists.  Non-suspicion lists are bolded: - Mine during day 1 - Mashi's during day 1 (out of order) - FSM's during day 1 (out of order) - Bird's during day 1 - Bird's during night 2 - Mine during night 2 (take with a grain of salt because I put Socialfox at the top in the hopes that the wolves wouldn't wolf him) - Gzgregory during night 2 - Bird's defense of Kman - Mashi's during night 2 - Spitllama's during day 2 - I accuse Bird of being a wolf - Bird's during day 2 - Bird's other one during day 2 (explanations in the next post) - Bird's accusation of Spitllama - Bubbles' during day 2 - Spitllama's defense - Bird's last suspicion list - My suspicion list night 3 - Gzgregory's night 3

You can probably focus more on the later ones.

Notable events in this game are:

Blueflower was wolfed Night 1, a wolfing everyone agreed was strange

Maestro was lynched day 1 but didn't tell anyone he was seer until 5 minutes before he was lynched and said that I was green

Socialfox claimed doctor.  I'd told him in a PM to retract his claim because I thought he was the real doctor and said I suspected him in the hopes that he would get wolfed.  It turns out that he wasn't the doctor, retracted his claim, and got wolfed anyway.  Mashi and Bird both knew that I'd told him to retract his claim.

Day 2 we lynched Mr. Saturn because we suspected that some of the wolves were inactive because everyone seemed human.

Night 3 Bird died.  He'd been (probably unfairly) blamed for the Maestro lynch, defended Kman, led the spitllama lynch and eventually led the Mr. Saturn lynch.

I'm in the chat right now if you want to talk.





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Everyone post the 4 Players you think are in the Wolf team.



I don't have much of an explanation, but K-Night seemed a little suspicious.


18:36   fsm   01:29   spit   I think that SFK, Dude, Jub, and Bubbles are wolves
18:36   fsm   why?
18:38   fsm   guys are you there
18:39   fsm   have I been disconnected or something
18:39   fsm   (again)
18:39   Dude   yes yes you have
18:39   Dude   you should probably leave and come back
18:39   fsm   whooh, thank god
18:40   fsm   the chat likes to make pranks to me
18:40   Dude   Mhm
18:41   fsm   like, no one has said anyhing in 5 min and THEN, "You have been disconnected"
18:41   fsm   -.-
18:41   Dude   mmmmmhm
18:46   spit   Well K-Night had plenty of opportunities to redeem himself
18:46   Vera   oh spitllama said his stuff
18:46   Vera   Why do you think so, spitllama?
18:47   spit   He used the iPod excuse way too much, and I can vouch that the whole forum is accessible via ipod
18:47   Vera   And the other three?
18:47   spit   You can only use that for so many phases, promising to make a contributory post. Eventually it just feels like we're getting played.
18:47   spit   For Wry
18:47   fsm   Great Scott, you're right
18:48   spit   He has been inactive, and there's not much more to say than that
18:48   spit   We would be following Bird's plan of lynching the inactives
18:48   spit   The other two I struggled with
18:49   spit   Bubbles, despite her human-looking defense post
18:49   spit   Is playing so differently than her past games

18:50   fsm   *game
18:50   spit   Idk if it's because she's not used to the powers deal or what, but she seems to just come at peoples' whims instead of being interested
18:50   spit   For Jub, he's a pretty good wolf

18:50   spit   No she played in two games
18:50   Vera   I'm going to need better evidence than that for Jub3r7.
18:51   spit   I'm getting there
18:51   Vera   Okay.
18:51   spit   Jub is typically inactive when he's human, and he gets his butt lynched just for being useless
18:51   spit   When he's wolf, despite still being hard to get a hold of, is always more active
18:52   spit   He's been contributing, which is great, he used the antidote, etc
18:52   spit   But of who's left, I really have no one left to suspect but him, so that's why he's at the bottom rung

18:53   spit   Thoughts?
18:53   Vera   Hmm.
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yeah im a wolf thats totally why i went and poisoned myself
It's dangerous to go alone, take me with you! [JUB has joined the party.]


It's not out of the question to poison yourself. But like I said I don't necessarily think you're a wolf-- just that on my imaginary list you're below the other three.
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Dude because suspicion list.

Also my four wolves at this point are Dude, SFK, Kman, and Bubbles in that order. Dude, SFK, and Bubbles are all fairly inactive and we've rehashed the inactive point endlessly already. Kman to me is still the most suspicious active player, and there has to be one active at least on the wolf team because poisonings/wolfings.


Ok, I promise from now on Ill try to be more active, but Im probably not going to be on from 10PM to 6PM the next day. Right now Im tied between dude and Sfk for inactive reasons, but Im going to vote SFK just because Im afraid that Ill wake up to an insta on Dude


In reply to that, my dear gzgregory-

I am active like all the time, but only because I never sign out wherever I go. However, if anyone has been Who's Online camping (looking at you, FSM), you'd see that I haven't sent a single PM this entire game.

But on other matters, I feel like shit for suspecting Bird, only to find out that he was green...but he still could have been the master wolf, so who knows.

Also, I have this haunting feeling that I may be the buzz or the hiss.  I don't know why, but I just think its possible.

That's all I have for this time. Safety on Kman96
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