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Kelsey and Eric's Adventures in Alyos!

Started by Kman96, September 06, 2012, 12:43:57 AM

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I now present...
Kelsey and Eric's Adventures in Alyos!

Prologue (and bacon)
It was a late night.  I twirled in my swivel chair at the desk, waiting for a new message on my PC from my friend Eric, otherwise known as Shadowkirby.
*Dling!* A message appeared on the bright screen, reading, "Dude, are you ready for this?"
Excitedly, I typed back, "Of course! I've already tweeted about it, AND posted it on NSM! Everyone's excited to hear how it goes!"

Eric: "Aw, I wanted to be the one to post it on NSM... :("

Me: "Haha ;)"

Eric: "Hey, it's getting pretty late, so we should get to bed. We've got a big day ahead of us."

"A big day indeed," I replied. "Night, buddy. See you at the airport."
This trip had been planned for months.  Ever since we'd returned from the disaster that was Terrari, Eric and I had been talking non-STOP about how bad we both wanted to earn our own badges of the Alyos region. (After all, would age 16 be a little late to start your own Pokémon journey?)! Exploring the region, meeting new friends, rivals, maybe even new foes- who could resist?! And so it was decided: as soon as we could, we'd fly our butts down to Grisleville, and begin our "perilous" journey from there.

Now for some sleep...zzzzzzzzzzz...
I woke up in the morning to the most beautiful thing in the world: the smell of bacon.  It was my special day, and my own mother was making me bacon for breakfast.  How sweet.  Dashing some clothes on, loading my backpack, I rushed downstairs to get fill, when I found Eric sitting at our dining table, EATING MY BACON.
"Get that out of your mouth!" I cried.  Surprised, Eric dropped his bacon looking wide-eyed, and I quickly snatched it up, devouring the rest.  "That oughta teach you," I sneered, sarchastically.
My mother gaped at my sudden action. "I made more, you know!" Eric and I quickly filled our plates with bacon.
"Anyways, what are you doing here? I thought we were rendezvousing at the airport?" I asked Eric. He couldn't answer because his mouth was full (of bacon).
"Eric's parents couldn't make the trip to the airport because something had come up over in Edding.  So they dropped him off here before you woke up!" My mother explained.  "Now hurry up, you two! We don't want to be late for your flight down to Grisleville- Professor Wages is just dying to meet you!"
Scarfing down my bacon, I contemplated in my head which of my six Pokémon (Chatot, Tangrowth, Buizel, Fraxure, Pikachu, Magmar) did I want to bring with me on my trip?  Instantly, the obvious answer popped into my head: surfing Pikachu!  So I grabbed Pikachu's pokéball from my roster, leaving the rest of my powerhouse team to rest in the comforts of my PC. The feeling of regret could not be deeper.
Heading down the stairs again, I saw Eric at the bottom, so I asked him, "What Pokémon are you bringing along?"
"Haha, that's a surprise!" he jeered, sinisterly.
The nearest airport to Polo Town was in Boreal City, meaning that we would have to drive all of Route 4 to get there.  Stepping out of the car at the airport, I could see a mob of people just waiting to wish us goodbye.  How kind of them, really :')  In the mob, I could identify Thomas, his younger sister Katie, as well as a few school friends that have since-our-return began to like us.  Everyone was cheering and shouting, banners were soaring, and it was an amazing final farewell.
"Hey you two," Thomas, the Polo Town Gym Leader (and our only friend, for a while) pulled us aside. "You two are incredible. Don't ever forget that.  What happened in the past at Terrari doesn't matter, because it's over and done with.  You made it back to us, and now that we have you back, we're looking after you.  Kick ass, and take no prisoners.  Oh, and definitely send some money home to your mothers. It definitely helps, trust me."
Eventually, the time came when we had to say goodbye to our friends, soon to see them again at long last.  Traveling on foot, the journey would be a rough one.  Eric and I both knew it. Looking back, our friends waved, as we turned to ace the gate to our plane.
Cell phone? Check. Map of Alyos? Check. Journal? Check. Balls? Yes. Pokéballs? Got those, too. Let's do this.
In the same step, the same moment, the same fragment of time, Eric and I entered the plane and took our seats.  Buckling our seatbelts, we knew that this would be the greatest adventure of our lives...

...and we were ready.
Party Hard!


Pre-Chapter 1: Middle (Part 1)
My name's Kelsey Nore. I live in Alyos, in the city of Polo Town. Today's the first day of my last year at Polo Town Middle School. I've always gotten fantastic grades, and I hope to continue the trend this year, one class at a time. My first class of the day is English, with my mom's friend, Mrs. Bartons. I wonder if I've got any friends in here...
Oh Arceus. I should've known.

So there's this kid. We've always had English together, every single year of school. And every year he's gotten progressively more annoying. I wonder what kind of crap he'll pull this year. Whatever it is, it couldn't be any worse than how he is outside of school. (We're in Ursaring Scouts together.)
"Hey! It's Kelsey!"

Whhhyyyyyy. He's noticed me. Now he's going to talk to me.

"How was your summer?"

"I saw you every week at Scouts, Eric."
"Ohhh, yeah! Wait. Something's different about you, right?"

I knew what was coming next.

"WOAH! You've got braces! When did that happen?"

There it was, the question he had been asking me at least once a month since 6th grade.
"I've HAD braces, Eric."

"Woah. I guess you have!"

"Yes, Eric, I have."


After what seemed the most grueling five minutes of my life, the bell rang, and Mrs. Bartons told us to sit down, and pay attention as she went over the classroom rules. Eric, like he always did, completely disregarded what she was saying, instead secretively playing a game on his new 4th Gen Pokédex.
The rest of the day went fine, because we didn't have any classes together.

In fact, my history class was actually fun, mostly because of the teacher, Mr. Tehsaige.


We were several weeks into school now, without anything major happening.

That's when it happened. 30 minutes into English one morning, the lights suddenly went out. An announcement happened right afterwards. "Teachers, we are now entering lockdown. Please make sure all students are present and accounted for."
"Is anyone missing?" Asked Mrs. Bartons.

Everyone looked around, trying to see though the darkness. That's when I noticed something. It was a bit too quiet in the classroom.

"Mrs. Bartons, where's Eric?" I called out.
"Oh, that's right, he took a pass to his locker. He'll have been pulled into another classroom by a teacher."


Half an hour later, Mrs. Bartons asked all of us to quiet down.
"Class, please remain calm."

Everyone looked around nervously.

"There's a charged Electrode that's been placed in the school."

One kid fainted.

"The police are on their way to our school, and we have been asked to stay in our classrooms until the Electrode has been captured."
That's when we heard it. A yell.

I recognized that yell. That was Eric. He must have not been pulled into a classroom.

Then we heard another noise. The sound of a Pokéball opening.

That was a major violation of rules in the main school building.

The door to our classroom burst open. Eric dashed in, shouting, "Does anyone have any Pokémon with them?"

Something was wrong. He sounded desperate. And more than that, there was a definite seriousness in his voice.
"Kelsey! You're on the swim team, you have to have some water types with you!"

I stood up.

"Kelsey!" Shouted Mrs. Bartons, "Sit down!"

"Kelsey, I need your help! The fate of the school is in your hands!"
It was a tough decision. But I knew what I needed to do. I jumped out of my seat, and pulled out my Seadra's Pokéball.

"This way!"

Eric ran off towards the 7th grade hallway. I followed.
"What are we doing?!" I asked.

"It's more of what YOU'RE doing. I think I've found the Electrode, but I need at least a water type attack to diffuse it. See that locker right there? There's a definite signal coming from there."
"What kind of signal?"


That made sense. The few times we had actually battled, Eric had lead with his Kadabra.

"Now as soon as we open that locker, there's a high chance that the Electrode will be ready to use Explosion. At that point, I need you to have your Pokémon use Surf, or Water Gun, or something like that."
That was another weird thing. I'd never heard Eric sound that... smart before. That sounds mean, but it's true.

I sent out Seadra, as Eric sent out Kadabra.

"Kadabra, use Psybeam on that locker!"
The locker door flew open, and electricity started sparking out of a bag. I shouted my command to my Pokémon.

"Seadra! Use Water Gun!"

The seahorse Pokémon sent a stream of water bursting out of its snout. Eric then shouted another command to his Pokémon.
"Kadabra! Use Psychic to contain the water around the Electrode!"

Kadabra held out its hand, which started glowing pink. It then made a fist, as the water was closed around the now-visible electric-type bomb.
Eric pulled something out of his pocket. It looked like a Pokéball, but it was green and brown. A Safari Ball. He threw it at the Electrode. The ball opened up, and pulled the Pokémon in. The Safari Ball wiggled 3 times, until after a seeming eternity, it clicked shut. "That's the thing about Safari Balls- they're made to only be used in the Safari Zone, where there are no trainer battles. Therefore, they don't have the anti-theft device installed."
I looked at Eric in amazement.

"I know I don't take school seriously, but I do take my Pokémon seriously."

Just then, we heard a few voices shouting at us.

"Hey! You there! What do you think you're doing?"
A tall policeman came running up the stairs.

"Well, I think we may have just done your job for you."

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

Eric tossed him the Safari Ball.
"That's what I mean."

"Where'd the hell did you get this?"

"That's not important. What's important is what's inside."

The policeman reached to press the button.
"Wait just a second! First off, I wouldn't send out that Pokémon here. Second of all, shouldn't you be rewarding me?"

The policeman glared at Eric. "Quite the opposite, son. You're coming with me."
"What? You can't do this! I saved the school!"

"Tell it to the judge."

I watched as Eric was taken away.


Eric didn't show up in school for a week afterwards, but when he was back, he refused to talk about what happened. And he was back to his usual, immature self. I eventually found out what happened, around a year later. He was suspended for bringing and using Pokémon in school, and charged with theft of the Safari Ball, but the punishment was significantly lessened due to his assistance in stopping the Explosion. I was also pulled in for questioning, but I was released with no charges. I thought that would be the last time Eric was involved in such a mess, but I was wrong. And I was going to find that out very soon, when our English class went on a small field trip.

To be continued...
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