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Started by Sebastian, October 19, 2012, 08:26:02 AM

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Sebastian's Arrangement Library

NOTE: I only have Finale files (.mus) for all of the arrangements below. If you would like a PDF or midi, please ask by posting here or shooting me a message. I'll be happy to get one for you! Also, feel free to check out all my on-site arrangements here.


Twinklies' Journey     


An Evil Plan     
Blue Eggs     
B.O.B. Firing     
B.O.B. Sucking     
Cauldron Keep (Gun Chamber)     
Collect Cheato Page     
Collect Jiggy     
Game Select     
Glitter Gulch Mine (Bullion Bill's Hut)     
Glitter Gulch Mine (Dark 'N' Dingy Interiors)     
Glitter Gulch Mine (Ordinance Storage)     
Heggy's Egg Shed     
Honey B's Hive     
Jiggy Appears     
Jinjo Village (Caves)     
Jinjo Village (Happy Jinjo House)     
Jinjo Village (Jingaling's Drained Palace)     
Jinjo Village (Sad Jinjo House)     
King Jingaling's Throne Room     
Mayahem Temple (Building Interiors)     
Shootin' with the Fishes     
Spiral Mountain     
Spiral Mountain (Aquatic)     
Spiral Mountain (Caves)     
The Zombie King     

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Beardy...erm, Birdy     
Gameboy Theme 2     
Rock Solid     

Diddy Kong Racing

Frosty Village     

Donkey Kong 64

Wrinkly Kong     

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Lockjaw's Saga     
Opening Fanfare     

Goldeneye 007


Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Table Tennis     

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Beanbean Castle     

Mario Kart 7

Rainbow Road     

Mario Kart 8

3DS DK Jungle     
N64 Rainbow Road     
N64 Toad's Turnpike     
Online Waiting Room     
Rainbow Road     
Thwomp Ruins     

Mario Kart Wii

GBA Bowser Castle 3     
Maple Treeway     
Mushroom Gorge - Co-arranged with Fingerz     
No Trophy For You!     

Mario Party 2

Adventure Begins     

Mario Power Tennis




New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Mini Game: Bad     
Tower Theme     
World 7: Sky Land     

Paper Mario

Dry Dry Ruins     
Flower Fields Rondo     
Party at Peach's Castle     
Toad Town Variations     

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Cooking With Zess T.     
Grodus Battle     
Keelhaul Key     
King Bowser's Theme     
Macho Grubba Battle     
Paper Mario & the Giant Egg     
Princess Peach's Theme     
Rawk Hawk Battle     
Shadow Queen Final Battle     
Story of the Thousand-Year Door     
The Blimp Ride     
The Excess Express     
The Robo Thieves     
Theme of the Punies     
Theme of the Shadow Sirens     
Training Battle     
We Believe In You, Mario!     

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Battle Castle     
Battle (Legendary Pokemon)     
Spin Trade     
Wi-Fi Plaza: Minigames     
Wi-Fi Plaza: Parade     

Sonic the Hedgehog

Marble Zone     

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Bonus Stage     
Hill Top Zone     
Metropolis Zone     

Super Mario 3D World

Switch Scramble Circus     

Super Mario Galaxy

Loopdeloop Galaxy     

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

A New Partner     
Fight Against Koopa     
Heart Beating a Little Faster     
Hello, Happy Kingdom     
Invincible Star     
Still, the Road is Full of Dangers     
The Axem Rangers Drop In     
Victory Over Culex     
Where Am I Going?     

Super Mario World

Player Down     

Super Paper Mario

Event Switch     
Fort Francis     
The Tile Pool     

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Goron Lullaby     

Wii Party

Shifty Gifts     
Tropical Punch     

Number of Arrangements on Site: 201
Number of Arrangements completed, but not on site yet (sheets above): 114
Total Number of Arrangements: 330

I hope these arrangements are a joy to you. Any feedback you have about any one of them is greatly welcomed and appreciated! I hope to continue to bring quality sheets on a regular basis. Also, please ask me if you have a request that I may consider.


Can't wait for the Mario Kart Wii Replay!
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can't wait! :)
But please, PLEASE, use Dropbox instead of Mediafire - it'll make everything easier for everyone!
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.....but I'm going to start with mediafire so suck it up! ;)


This is a challenging first arrangement!  Kudos!

This piece may be a bit hard to duplicate on piano just because of the percussion.  JSYK.

First off, if you want your sheets to make it onto the site, you'll need to follow these guidelines.

As far as the actual piece goes, it's sorta hard to say for reasons stated above.  I think the entire bass clef could stand to be bumped down an octave.  Good job on the treble clef chords; you have a good ear.  You could add a note on the bottom so they retain their identity and yet sound fuller: i.e. on the first measure, instead of Bflat - D you could put F - Bflat -D.  Sorry if that's confusing.

Also, at about 14 seconds into the song, there's a synthesizer playing some high notes very similar to those in the bass clef.  Could you possibly incorporate those?

Good first piece, and welcome to the arranging league.  :)


Thanks, I will get those fixed.


i completed walking on the clouds.
i will have that on later today.


Im at my friends house.
and i will be at home to put the song on later.


I have Walking on the Clouds on! Is it good or bad :( :)
I deleted some of my other posts so it doesnt get cramped with me talking!
I also did the best i could with those nsm guidelines u linked to me with this sheet Zelda Pianist275.
and i will do those changes to replay and wifi waiting.
And im not sure what u mean by "You could add a note on the bottom so they retain their identity and yet sound fuller: i.e. on the first measure, instead of Bflat - D you could put F - Bflat -D.  Sorry if that's confusing.
Could u show me or tell me that i understand please?


Ug, can't take a picture with my computer.  So you have a B flat and a D, right?  To make a full B flat major chord, you would add the F directly below the B flat.  Voila.


ok, do u see anything wrong with walking on the clouds?


I'd drop the key changes, because they don't really occur as key changes, just chord changes..
Good job on the arrangement!
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If its no big deal i think ill keep the key changes if thats fine.


Quote from: mariolegofan on October 24, 2012, 04:40:58 PMIf its no big deal i think ill keep the key changes if thats fine.

Well, it's your arrangement.... but Jompa proved himself as an arranger, so I'd take his advice.  Especially if you want to get it on the site.