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Luigi's Mansion: King Boo's Revenge (KUFF)

Started by Kman96, December 23, 2012, 06:50:01 PM

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Luigi's Mansion: King Boo's Revenge

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A long time ago, there was a man.  This man's name was Luigi.  He was tall, and always wore green, with a matching hat with an "L" on it- for Luigi, not loser.

Luigi had a brother, too.  His name was Mario.  Mario was short and plump.  He wore red, and also had a matching hat, except with an "M."
Mario was a hero.  Ever since numerous encounters with a crazy psycho ape, he's been saving princesses left and right.  Mario was everything Luigi ever hoped of being.
...Until one day.
Luigi got a letter in the mail stating he had won a contest.  This got him extremely excited, since he had never entered a contest in the first place!  The prize, you ask? A huge mansion, hidden on a small hill in the center of Boo Woods.
So Luigi asked Mario to meet him there.  Mario took off first.  Then Luigi set out on his quest to retrieve his mansion.  Using a small map, he made it through the woods, (but not before getting lost, first) to find a huge mansion.  Lights off, pitch black, nothing.
Inside the mansion, Luigi met Professor E. Gadd, a scientist who studied ghosts.  E. Gadd brought him to his lab, having to explain that the mansion Luigi won was haunted.  He had seen Mario go inside, but he had been kidnapped by the leader of the boos, King Boo.
Luigi, scared out of his wits, accepted the quest to save his brother.  Before Luigi headed out, he received the Poltergust 3000 from Professor E. Gadd.  The Poltergust 3000, a vacuum-like machine, along with his flashlight, allowed Luigi to capture ghosts.  Then he went inside.

Luigi journeyed inside the mansion, vacuuming ghost after ghost, until he came to the secret altar, where King Boo was staring at a painting- of Mario!  Mario wasn't just kidnapped, he was turned into a painting!  Finally, after Luigi's toughest battle with a ghost yet, he was able to capture King Boo and all of the other boos.

Using E. Gadd's Portrificationizer, Luigi turned all the ghosts he captured into paintings, and returned Mario from his painting state.  The money he found went towards buying a new mansion after the old one disappeared.  Now, Luigi has his own huge mansion in the middle of Boo Woods. Yay.
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I don't know what the hell this is, or how the hell I missed it, but I just came upon it and laughed for five minutes
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Fuck logic, that shit is boring, lame and does not always support my opinions.


It's part of my "Unfinished fanfiction" that I started during Christmas break. I wrote like 2 chapters so far, but I never found the time to type them up...this is just the prologue.
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The "yay." alone was dry enough to make me burst out laughing
Quote from: Tobbeh99 on April 21, 2016, 02:56:11 PM
Fuck logic, that shit is boring, lame and does not always support my opinions.



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Chapter ONE:
Luigi sat at his desk, thinking about what he should say for his next interview with the Toad Town Press. Ever since he rescued his brother Mario, the big hero, every newspaper in the entire city wanted Luigi's input. Such a brave task for such an easily frightened person – it boggled everyone!

But it bothered Luigi. He wasn't used to this attention.

He stared at the old vacuum that was hung on the wall. It was called the Poltergust 3000. It once saved his life from museum-piece doom. Someone was knocking on the door. Luigi ran down the giant flight of stairs and to the foyer of his mansion, to find his butler had opened the door and let the Toad Town press inside from the thunderstorm.

"Luigi!" one said. "Good to see you! Thank you for letting us come."

"It's no problem, really. I'm just glad this is my last interview! Already, it's been almost an entire year since that terrifying night." Luigi remarked, looking off in thought. "Here, come this way, to my interview room." Luigi opened the door into a room that only had a fancy recliner, a fireplace on the back wall, and a smaller chair for the interviewer.

"Wonderful. We'll just set up here." The toad got out a notepad, while the other brought out a video camera and a tripod stand. He plugged his camera into the wall, and created a small spark. The lights surged.

With Luigi finally all mic'd up, the toad interviewer went right to work. "Ah, well, first – how did you feel when you first entered the mansion?"

"Well, I..." Luigi began, but the lights began surging on and off. "...I..." the three in the room began looking all around frantically. Lightning flashed. Suddenly, the light in the room vanished from their presence. The rain from inside the chimney put out the tiny flickering fire, causing the room to become pitch black.

"Well then," Luigi stirred in his chair. "I should go get some candles. I'll be right back."

"Yeah, no problem, Luigi. We'll be right here!" One Toad said. With that, Luigi left the interview room and went into his office.

There was a glowing light in the room. Luigi didn't see where it was coming from, but soon it was joined by noises. "Luigi!" The noise cried. "Luigi! Where are you?"

Luigi investigated and found that the lights and voices were coming from the Gameboy Horror, stored away safely in his desk drawer. The Gameboy Horror was how Luigi once communicated with Professor E. Gadd while inside the mansion.

"Professor!" Luigi cried. "Why don't you just come on over? I don't use this hunk of junk anymore."

"Reasons. Now, I see that your lights are out. Mine aren't – yet! Have you finished your interview?" E. Gadd asked.

"No, we've barely just started," Luigi explained. "Why are you calling me from the Gameboy Horror?"

"The paintings of the gallery ghosts are rattling." E. Gadd informed. "Is anything weird going on there? I hope nothing bad is happening..." E. Gadd trailed off as he disappeared from the screen.

Luigi grabbed his flashlight from his desk and slammed the desk drawer, causing something to fall off of the wall and onto the ground. Using his flashlight, Luigi walked slowly out of the room. He almost made it, but Luigi tripped over something. Turning around, he noticed that the Poltergust 3000 was at his feet. It must have fallen from its stand on the wall.

Picking up the old vacuum cleaner, Luigi strapped it to his back and was flooded with memories of the fear from that fateful night. His knees began shaking, trembling at what might come.

A door creaked in the hallway. Reacting quickly, Luigi fired up the Poltergust, but little did he know that when he had tripped over it, he flipped the reverse switch.

VRRRRRRRR! The Poltergust began pumping out air, and dozens of tiny white ghosts like balls of fog poured out of the nozzle. Boos were escaping from the Poltergust!

"Hee hee hee hee!" The boos laughed. "Thanks, Luigi! We've been waiting for ages to get out of your stupid vaccum cleaner!" The boos flew off in all directions, trying to escape the new house.

Meanwhile, in the interview room, the two toads were waiting patiently in the dark, when a boo flew into the room. The interviewers screamed. The boo screamed. Then the interviewers screamed again. The boo screamed and flew out of the room, which just made the interviewers scream more, and run out of the house.

Luigi ran into the room. No one was there. His butler came up the stairs and told him they had run away. Luigi ran out the door into the pouring rain. He could see the little white ghosts floating away into the night, each one holding a square object – a painting. He ran through the gate and into the little shack that led to E. Gadd's laboratory.

Professor E. Gadd was in the painting gallery struggling with some boos over King Boo's portrait: a blazing dynamic background showing the evil king Bowser looking up to the royal puffball. King Boo was slightly larger than normal boos, but wears a ruby crown and bears evil, dark red eyes. Luigi joined the professor in tugging back the painting. Nothing good could come from King Boo's escape. More boos had joined the others, creating a greater force to fight against. The boos began shaking until Luigi and E. Gadd let go of the painting. They had lost. Now King Boo would be free, and they couldn't stop him, because now he has all of the ghosts in the world on his side.

Luigi and Professor E. Gadd ran out of his hut to see the boos flying off with the painting of King Boo. Luigi noticed on the ground, lying in the mud, was a painting frame. An empty painting frame.
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Chapter TWO:
Luigi went inside to see that the lights had returned to his mansion. Nobody was settled, and everyone was scared, unsure of what was happening. He explained everything to his servants, and then Luigi went to go find a telephone. He had to call his brother.

Luigi went to his office to use the one in there, but the cord was missing. He remembered there was an entire room of telephones somewhere in the mansion, so he pulled out his map and looked for the room (yes, his mansion is so big, he needs a map or he'll get lost).

The only dark hallway in the entire mansion is on the second floor, where the telephone room was located. Using his flashlight, Luigi walked through the tiny hallway, where the moon, veiled by rainclouds, shone through the windows.

When he came to the correct door, Luigi tried the door handle. Locked. He took out his key ring and unlocked the door. Slowly, he opened the creaking door to a point where he could stick his hand through the opening. The room smelled of old, dusty things – and his mansion was new! Luigi reached in, flipped on the lights and opened the door.

A small room, coated in metal, stood before him. A phone hung on the opposite wall, with which he could call his brother. Where did the rest go? Luigi thought. He walked to the phone on the wall and put the phone to his ear, where a voice was giving instructions to press the number 9. So Luigi did, but nothing happened.

Luigi turned to leave, but when he walked into the middle of the room, his foot sank about one inch into the floor. He looked down to see his foot had pressed a switch! It clicked, and the walls of the room spun around to reveal walls and walls of telephones! There were even phones on the ceiling!

An automated voice sounded. It was Professor E. Gadd. "Ah, Luigi. I see you've found the telephone room!, You may have found all of the phones, but there's a trick to it. You may only use one of them. You must find which one will work for you, and only then can you find the treasure I have hidden away in this room!" The voice cut off.

A secret treasure...? Luigi wondered, looking at all of the phones before him.  What would I even be looking for? After searching for a while, Luigi found a phone that looked just like his hat. He picked up the receiver, expecting to hear a dial tone, but nothing sounded. Luigi put down the phone. That's not it...

One of the phones started ringing. Luigi looked at the thousands of phones hanging on the walls. How on Earth was he supposed to find it? Luigi looked long and hard for the ringing telephone. He saw movement on one of walls, so he climbed up the built-in ladder, hoping to find it soon.

Utter shock hit Luigi when he saw the phone, almost enough to knock him off of the ladder. The phone's receiver was a replica of Professor E. Gadd's HEAD! Luigi picked up the "head" receiver, saying, "Hello? This is Luigi."

"Luigi?" The voice asked, worriedly. "Oh, thank-a goodness. It's-a Mario. Something horrible has a-happened at-a the castle!"

"The castle!?" Luigi exclaimed. "What's wrong?"

"Ghosts have been appearing everywhere!" Mario cried. "I'd take 'em all out myself, but I'm in hiding with the Princess and her toad servants."

"Mamma Mia!" Luigi exclaimed. "I'll be over right away! Where are you, by chance?"

"We're hiding in the sewers, underneath Toad Town." Mario said. "Hurry, before they find-"

The line went dead.

Luigi shivered as he put down the receiver. The mechanical head began talking. "Congratulations! You have made your first phone call using your own personal phone!"

"U-uh, okay," Luigi stuttered. "What now?"

" Here, have a key." The receiver's 'mouth' spit out a strange-looking key – one that was shaped like the Gameboy Horror. "Use it on your desk to find a very special treasure, just waiting for you to find it!"

"Oh, so that's what the secret of this room was!" Luigi said to himself. He slid down the ladder, hitting the ground with a BAM!

Quickly, Luigi dashed to his office to find this treasure that was supposedly stashed away in his desk. POW! The door slammed open. There stood Luigi's office, untouched.

Luigi tackled his desk, looking up and down, searching for a keyhole for his new key. Searching up and down, down and up, finding nothing. Luigi had searched every corner of his desk before he gave up. He didn't find anything! Then something started to ring. It wasn't like a telephone ring, no – this ring sounded much more high-tech than that. Not knowing where to look, Luigi listened for where the sound was coming from. The sound was coming from the floor! Luigi put his ear to the carpet. No, that wasn't it. So he began crawling around his office, looking for something that might lead him to the ringing.

A small keyhole was visible on one of his desk's legs. Being so close made the sound so loud! Luigi grabbed the key that was shaped like the Gameboy Horror and placed it into the small keyhole. The key turned, and opened up a small compartment in the leg. A white box popped out...and it was ringing.
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Chapter THREE (Incomplete):
The white box rang in Luigi's hand. On the top was printed 'DS FRIGHT!' in almost the same text as the Gameboy Horror. There was also a black circle that looked almost like a camera lens.
It rung again.

Luigi opened the box to find screens, one on the top and one on the bottom, with another back circle between the two. Buttons lined the screen below. Some of them Luigi recognized from the Gameboy Horror.
Suddenly, Prof. E. Gadd appeared on the top screen. "Aha! Finally, Luigi!" The professor cried. "Found your phone, I see, eh? Don't you just love how I designed it?"
"Umm...yeah, sure..." Luigi replied sarcastically. "Professor, what is this? Is this machine like the Gameboy Horror?"
"Right you are, my boy!" The professor exclaimed. "I have updated the Gameboy Horror technology substantially! This model is called the DS Fright! It has all the functions of the Gameboy Horror, plus so much more! And it also has two built-in cameras, so I can see your every move!"
"Great." Luigi said.
"By the way, have you gotten a call from old red-shirt?" Prof. E. Gadd asked.
"Oh my, yes I have!" Luigi cried. "The ghosts are on the move! They've already reached Toad Town!"
"Oh no! That's rotten luck!" Prof. E. Gadd exclaimed. WE need to get out there! Those boos can do anything under King Boo's order!"
"I know, professor!" Luigi said. "But, I don't think that the Poltergust 3000 will last this adventure..."
"Me too, Luigi. That's why you need to come by my lab before we head out." The Professor disappeared before Luigi could say anything else.
Luigi packed up. He kept the Poltergust 3000 attached to his back, and put his flashlight on his belt, and stuck the DS Fright in his pocket. He was ready to go.
He left the mansion without telling anyone where he was going. Luigi's servants didn't need to know where he was going.
It was still cold and wet outside, making the dirt path all muddy. On his way inside, Luigi had locked the metal gate that guarded his house. He needed to unlock it so he could get to Professor E. Gadd's laboratory. He forgot his keys, so Luigi dashed inside to go grab them.
Meanwhile, outside, the small white ghosts flooded into the forest through the dark night sky. Together, each one floated into one of the dead trees, possessing it. They began moving towards the edge of the forest, trying to sneak out, when suddenly, Luigi came out his door. The trees came to an immediate halt. Luigi unlocked the gate and opened it. That way, he wouldn't have to worry about locking it.
Something snapped. Luigi whirled around to see what it was. Nothing was there except a bunch of dead trees.
The trees in front of the house began to move slowly, so Luigi wouldn't notice. They crept forward until Luigi turned around. One tree stopped too late.
Luigi was confused whether or not he saw a dead tree walking out of the forest, or he was just seeing things. He decided to investigate, so he went over to the tree and looked at it. It looked like a normal, dead tree. Luigi looked at the trunk, and what appeared to be regular tree bark turned out to be a face carved into the wood!
The tree opened its red eyes and mouth, screaming "BOOOOO!!!" Suddenly, all of the trees took off. They all scuttled around as fast as they could, escaping from the woods. "EEEYAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Luigi screamed as he jumped into a ball and began crawling on the ground. Trees were passing him left and right, running out of the forest boundary. "AIEEEE!!" He cried.
A few minutes later, Luigi looked up from his ball. It was still dark, but all the trees on the hill had gone. Slowly, Luigi got up, then ran into the tiny shack that lead to E. Gadd's lab.
Luigi didn't bother climbing down the ladder. BAM! The sound echoed throughout the small underground room. A dust cloud formed from Luigi's impact and filled the entire lab. Someone coughed. A hand was waving through the cloud of dust, clearing their view. "Luigi, is that you?" A voice said. It was Professor E. Gadd.
The professor had noticed that Luigi had made an imprint on the ground, and stuck inside it was Luigi himself. "Goodness, Luigi," the Professor said, "that's why there's a ladder there!"
"E. Gadd!" Luigi cried. "All  of the trees on the hill just got up and walked away! I saw it with my own two eyes! Really, I did!"
"Wonderful! I hated those dreadful things!" The professor said gleefully.
"Professor!" Luigi shouted. "This is serious!"
"Oh, alright, lets go see the damage – or, should I say in this case, the repair." The professor began to climb up the ladder to the shack door.
The sky was golden. On the horizon, the sun began to peek up from the ground. Next to the horizon was an empty hill, on which sat Luigi's mansion. There were no trees for miles around. It seemed as if the entire forest had gotten up and simply walked away. Because it did.
"Wow." Professor Gadd said. "You were serious. They really are gone."
"Yeah, now you believe me."
"What happened prior to them walking away?" The professor asked. "Any key events that could have led to this?"
"Ummm..."Luigi thought aloud. "Well, I bumped into one and it looked at me with big, red , evil eyes, and a red toothy mouth, ready to eat me!" It appeared as if Luigi's story had scared himself.
"Oh no..." E. Gadd said distantly. "This isn't good. WE have to get to Toad Town immediately!"
"Right!" Luigi concurred.
They headed back down to the lab, where the professor pulled out a box the size of a drum. He set it out in front of Luigi. "Open it," He said.
Luigi did as he was told. Inside the box was a replica of the Poltergust 3000, only this one seemed old and rusted. "What is this? I thought you upgraded the Poltergust!"
"What do you mean? I did!" The professor protested. "This is the original – the Poltergust 500! I've been working on it ever since your mansion was rebuilt. The same body and everything!"
"Oh, lovely..." Luigi remarked distastefully. "Why don't you just build another one?"
"Why don't I just build another one?" Professor E. Gadd mocked. "Let's show Luigi why I won't build another one..." He pulled a string hanging from the ceiling and a pictured rolled down. It was a desert. The professor pointed at a section and declared, "Do you see this?!"
Luigi was confused. All he saw was desert. E. Gadd looked again and made a fuss. He pulled the string again, and another picture rolled down, this time a pattern of warehouses was visible in one of the lower corners. "Oh...I see it now."
Professor E. Gadd kept pulling the string until a picture of an open warehouse rolled down, and it appeared to be full of items closely resembling the Poltergust 3000. "I have an entire warehouse devoted to Poltergusts, and I don't need another one! Got it?"

Calming down, the professor began to walk over to the stairs to the training room. Once they were inside the dark, cold room, E. Gadd ordered Luigi to shut off the dim lights and press the red button on the wall. With the lights out, Luigi heard familiar sounds – the opening and closing of the grates on the floor. It only got spookier.
Suddenly, an orange being of light appeared in the middle of the dark room – a ghost. The ghost crept nearer to Luigi. Luigi began to slide to the floor and curl up in a ball as the ghost got closer, close enough to touch him, when a bolt of white light flashed and the ghost was gone. Luigi looked up. It was still dark, and he couldn't see Professor E. Gadd anywhere.

More grates opened. Seconds later, an entire array of orange ghosts appeared and circled the middle of the room. They made a strange sound as a group, like an empty albeit hearty laugh. Luigi could spot amidst the orange beings a shadow that appeared to be Gadd. The shadow seemed to nod at Luigi. Without warning, another flash of white light went off, this time, where the ghosts seemed to be pulled into the bright light. Like a tornado, the light traveled around the room, trapping all the ghosts and bringing them to the shadow that had since disappeared.

The lights popped on and there stood Professor E. Gadd. "That," he began, dazed, "is the power of the first model."

"...Wow." Luigi gasped.

"That was the original power, but it would vaporize anyone who used it," the professor explained. "So, naturally, I began to fiddle with it, and look at it now! What a beauty. Cleaned the room right out!"

"Yeah, very impressive," Luigi said, nodding. "Where does the light come from?"

"The worst place a dark-loving ghost could even dare to mention..." E. Gadd began eerily. "...the sun."
Luigi was shocked. "You mean, you send the ghosts to the sun?!"

Professor E. Gadd paused, and then let out a chuckle. "Well, no, not really. When I was working on it, I accidentally dropped a flashlight down the tube, and it just happens to turn on whenever you power up!" He handed his newest (oldest?) invention to Luigi.

"Wow. That would have been really cool. Maybe even a better idea for a book, you know?" Luigi said, disappointed. "Thanks anyway, Gadd."

...That's all I've written. I have no plans to continue this story.
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Here are some (scanned) drawings that I found along with this story. And yes, these were all drawn on papers I snatched from church programs.

My original plotting for this story was very lacking in the middle...Sorry, you can't really read it.

My concept art for the DS Fright...a drawing I'm actually fairly proud of!

And finally, some doodles made by Shadowkirby someday in middle school. Poor Tristan has a tiny brain.
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