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TheZeldaPianist's Game Reviews

Started by TheZeldaPianist275, January 01, 2013, 01:54:30 PM

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First off: did not copy Blueflower.  ;)

I'll be reviewing games, starting off with mainly 3DS titles, but I may do some others if I get bored.  I'll be reviewing games based on:

Concepts (What does the game bring to the table?  What do the developers aim for?)

Execution (How well are the game's concepts brought out?  Does the game hit its mark?)

Gameplay (What is gameplay like?  How fun is the game at its most fundamental?)

Controls (How easy is the game to control?  Do the controls complement the game well?)

Physical Difficulty (How challenging to play is the game?  Is the difficulty level appropriate?)

Mental Difficulty (Does the game actively engage the player's mind?  Is it overly confusing?)

Visuals (Are the graphics artfully designed?  Do they complement the game itself well?)

Music (Does the game have a good soundtrack?  How well does it fit the game?)

Environment (Is the world of the game immersive?  Does it add to the overall experience?)

Secrets (Are there enough Easter eggs to occupy the player?  Are they well-executed?)

Multiplayer (Does the game accommodate multiple players?  Is it still as much fun to play?)

Plot (Does the game have a motivating story?  Does it add to the experience?)

Depth (How much is there to the game?  Is it believable and immersive?)

Replay Value (Can the game be readily picked up for a second playthrough?  How long will the player be occupied?)

Ultimate Value (What does the player draw from his experience?  Will he look back on it as time well spent?)

I will give the game a score out of ten in each of these 15 categories, resulting in a score out of 150.  (woot more complex than Blueflower :P)  Please note that I am grading based on appropriateness.  For example, if a game is ridiculously challenging, I might not give it a 10 in Physical Difficulty, but rather a 3 because it's just too hard.

Speaking of appropriateness, I will include a section covering objectionable content in the game at the end of the review.

That's about it!  Thanks for reading forthcoming reviews!

Games reviewed:
1. nintendogs + cats: 71/150

Waddle Bro


This is definitely going to be fun to read! And I don't care of you copy me because I kind of copied Slow XD

The reason that I didn't go this complex into reviewing games is several-fold. I don't judge graphics on the game for several reasons. 1., I have more NES games than any other console, so how do you rate an NES classic like Super Mario Bros up against Super Mario Galaxy? You can't! I'm not sure if you'll be reviewing retro games or not, but try to say "where these graphics impressive for the TIME OF RELEASE" rather than "Is this game 1080p".

Also, I am a firm believer that hard games are not always bad. I mean, sure, you have your games like Superman 64, Action 52, Dick Tracey, and other crap that are hard due to horrible controls and glitchy gameplay. But hardness in of itself isn't mad. Mega Man, the retro Marios, Zelda II, Battletoads, Kid Icarus, Ninja Gaiden, and Castlevania are all good examples of hard games that are fun! So I would recommend not taking off points if the game is genuinely fair challenge, but rather taking off points in other areas like "controls" and "gameplay" that make the game unfairly hard. See what I'm saying?

But regardless, I look forward to your first review.
It looks like I've got me some competition... *maniac laughter*
Bulbear! Blueflower999


Thanks Waddle!

Blueflower: 1) Yes, I was planning on reviewing graphics based on the time. 2) Way ahead of you.  Typically I would take points off if a game is too easy.  THAT annoys me.


Game Review: nintendogs + cats
System: 3DS
Genre: Simulation
Release Date: 3/27/2011
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

When Nintendo released nintendogs on the launch date of the DS, many players were enthralled by the game- it fully utilized the DS's capacities, from touch screen to microphone.  Now Nintendo attempts to astonish casual players again with nintendogs + cats, hoping to do for the 3DS what the earlier entry did for the DS.  The game places the player in a generic home with his dog, from which he can then proceed to have a cute little happy life with his loyal pet.

I'm not gonna lie: this is a chick game.  Apologies to any male who enjoys it.  I got the French Bulldog and Friends version for my sister on her birthday, and believe I have observed enough gameplay to write this review.  The game, on the whole, is relaxing, with no real ultimate goal.  It is the epitome of casual gaming.  To be honest, I don't see much appeal in nintendogs, but I can understand that some would.  On to the review!

Concepts: 4
You get a dog.  You pet and bathe your dog.  You feed and play with your dog.  You take your dog on walks, you take him to competitions, you even get more dogs.  If it relates to a pet dog, it is in this game.  Simple, good ideas, none of which set overly high standards.  It is worth noting, however, that this entry into the series brings almost nothing new to the table.  New features?  Well, there are kittens.  And you can make them appear in real life with your AR cards.  This is disappointing.  The 3DS is so much superior to the DS one would think there would be plenty of fresh, new ideas.  Nope.

Execution: 7
For what it's worth, though, nintendogs does artfully execute its concepts.  It is a solid simulation game, with a sizable "AWWWW" factor.  The various game modes are nicely done, with the exception of the awful "Go for a Walk" mode, in which you walk from your house, down a street, to.... your house.  Someone please explain to me how that works.

Gameplay: 7
For much of the time in nintendogs, you will simply be lounging around your house, petting and playing with your dog (or cat).  There's even a nice little camera feature you can use to save pictures of your pet to your SD card.  This bores me quickly, but for some (like my sister) this particular mode grants hours of simulational fun.  And you can do a LOT with your dog.  There are shops in the game devoted to commodities simply for endless play time.  The money you use to buy these can be acquired through winning competitions, or by selling previously acquired items.  These competitions are challenging enough to provide some distraction from the lazy life at home, but it won't be long before you find yourself back in your generic home, petting your dog.  And this is really what is at nintendogs' heart: Chilling with your puppy.  But there's enough variety to it for me to give this category another 7.

Controls: 9
Nice and simple.  Most of the game is controlled using the touch screen.  You can bump L or R as a shortcut to take a picture, and the Circle Pad controls the camera angle.  It all feels very easy and accessible, and that is perhaps one of nintendogs' greatest strengths: anyone can pick it up and NOT be confused.  There's not much to control anyway.

Physical Difficulty: 3
Almost none.  I think that's one of the points of a simulation, but nintendogs could easily have ramped up the challenge on the competitions or even disciplining your pet.  Nothing in this game takes long to master.

Mental Difficulty: 1
Again, next to no challenge.  No puzzles, or even mini-games designed to make you think.  The whole game is one big zone-out experience.

Visuals: 7
Meh.  Not bad graphics.  Nintendo obviously played it safe for a launch date release though, as nothing dares to step outside its own bubble.  The puppies win cute points, though, and so do their potty animations.

Music: 5
Very average here again.  I think the soundtrack fits, but it's very unremarkable.  Also, it's miniscule.  I'd say there are fewer than 25 songs in the game.  It is, however, relaxing.  Appropriate for the game.

Environment: 4
LAME.  Your "house" is a room, "downtown" is a single street.  Not immersive at all.  Not much detail was given.  And then there's the paradox of walking from your house in a straight line to your house...maybe you are walking across the whole planet....

Secrets: 5
nintendogs + cats does a little better with surprises.  Presents can almost always be found in the middle of the street, containing some new accessory.  And it's always enjoyable to see your dog's reaction to a new toy.

Multiplayer: 1
Eh.  Really the only multiplayer in this game is found in StreetPass.  However, the chances of passing someone WITH their 3DS WITH this game inside is slim at best.  And even that only exchanges data about your forays that day.

Plot: 0
Plot?  What plot?

Depth: 7
You can experience pretty much everything nintendogs + cats has to offer in a day.  Yet this is an undeniably well-crafted simulation game, and something about it constantly draws players back to this magic world where spatial paradoxes are everywhere and everybody exists to own a dog.  Gotta admit, that's pretty cool.

Replay Value: 6
nintendogs doesn't have an end, per se, like most conventional games.  There is no final boss, no staff roll (as far as I know).  That doesn't necessarily mean that this game has no replay value.  It's very easy to pick up and enjoy again and again.  And for some, the repetitive content never gets old.

Ultimate Value: 5
nintendogs + cats does hold some valuable content, like learning to manage finances to support a pet, and learning the importance of caring for said pet.  But at its heart, it's just a fun game that doesn't really show what real life is like at all.  Some may look back on the hours spent on this game as well-spent.  I personally wouldn't.

Objectionable Content





Drug/Alcohol Use

Final Remarks
Nothing will annoy me more than the Kennel and Pet Supplies Store songs.  But the pee and poop animations really are cute.

Like I said before, nintendogs + cats will only appeal to a limited audience.  But it is an excellent attempt by Nintendo to access the female, casual gamers out there.  That said, this game is not going to make the hall of fame.  Not even close.  But I still feel comfortable recommending it to those interested in really cute dogs and cats.



I would agree with pretty much everything you said. Like Animal Crossing, it really is Nintendo targeting casual games. The differences is that Animal Crossing is easier for hard core games like me to enjoy as well.

My sisters have this game, but even they admitted that it got old fast.
Bulbear! Blueflower999


I love Animal Crossing: Wild World. It's very fun. This is quite repetitive.
Quote from: Tobbeh99 on April 21, 2016, 02:56:11 PM
Fuck logic, that shit is boring, lame and does not always support my opinions.


Quote from: TheZeldaPianist275 on January 01, 2013, 07:04:41 PM"Go for a Walk" mode, in which you walk from your house, down a street, to.... your house.  Someone please explain to me how that works.
Well, obviously, you live on a tiny planet and are capable of circumnavigating it which leads you back to your house.
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Regarding nintendogs, you said there was 0 violence

Back when I was younger and I still played it, there was this small rope that the dog would grab onto and play tug-of-war

If you do it right, you can pick the dog up, hanging by the rope, swing him around and literally throw him across the room

I think that's kind of violent
It's dangerous to go alone, take me with you! [JUB has joined the party.]


I remember that :D

Plus if you take them for a walk they could get in a fight with another dog, though Jub's is more violent


Quote from: Jub3r7 on January 02, 2013, 01:01:50 PMRegarding nintendogs, you said there was 0 violence

Back when I was younger and I still played it, there was this small rope that the dog would grab onto and play tug-of-war

If you do it right, you can pick the dog up, hanging by the rope, swing him around and literally throw him across the room

I think that's kind of violent

XD I don't know why this made me laugh so hard.  Was that the original nintendogs or the 3DS version?


It was one of the original ones for the ds.  :P
It's dangerous to go alone, take me with you! [JUB has joined the party.]


I'll definately post something soon! :)


Oh, I thought we could post our own reviews! :P Sorry!