B-K's Compositions (Several New Tracks!)

Started by B-Kpianist, May 03, 2008, 09:58:38 PM

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Seperate Music from Grunty's Curse
Grimo's Gulf
Wacky Wild West
Layback Beach NEW!
Tip-Top Tunnels NEW!
Banjo-Universe NEWLY ENHANCED!
Tectonic Temple NEW!
Medieval Castle NEWLY ENHANCED!

Viva Piñata- esque music Project:
Day Time

Youtube Video's

Witchy Isles
HoneyBee Mountain
Nutty Farms 
Icyrock Cavern
Breezy Beach
Ghostly Galleon
PropellerSwish Factory

Mediafire or Savefile
Viney Village
Venom Valley (Extended Version)
Click-Clock Clouds
Ghostly Galleon Boss*
Prehistoric Park
Viper, Monstrous Mechanical Snake*

The stars mean that I either need to fix them or add them to the soundtrack


hehe- haven't done that since i first joined... just a sec.

[EDIT] Fix'd  ;D sry about that


Wow, it reminds me of N64 music... Like it's from DK 64 or something. Around the end of the opening I think I heard a funny chord, but whatever. The cello part during the trumpet solo sounded funny right at the end though. Really sinister, and I like the timpani beat.


Thanks :)
Yeah this piece is supposed to kinda sound like N64 music, thats where i got the idea :P I'll look around for the strange chords ;) I just threw some stuff in last minute towards the end.


Page doesn't load for me..Put it on mediafire? =/


Hey, I think this is really nice! It definately sounds like Grant Kirkhope is an inspiration.
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cool! thanks! Kirkhope is definitely my inspiration. I need to come up with a name though... lol :P


Even when everyone else has gone,
I will punch the punching bag until a game comes on. XD

10 years later. Still Brawling!


damn commies.


the song is just about finished- i'm trying to add stuff. I just added an updated version. Check it out! ;D

[EDIT] Started the level music! check it out! ;D



As long as you don't do what Brawl did (aka create 100 remixes of the same song) they're both awesome.

For the Level music...I think that you could make a better transition from the end to the beginning. It's kind of abrupt, I think.

Boss: On measure 24 and 25, there's a very short flute solo. I...do not like that part.  It seems to me to just be...there. :P Coming from somebody with just about no music experience whatsoever. It happens again on Measure 64 and 65.
Even when everyone else has gone,
I will punch the punching bag until a game comes on. XD

10 years later. Still Brawling!


oh- i thought i got rid of those flute things. And yeah- I'm not gonna do a bunch of remixes. I'm only gonna do like- an inside version. As for the ending- i followed what angry aztec kinda does. Changes key and then repeats. ???