Dekudude's Compositions!

Started by Dekudude, August 24, 2008, 08:03:11 PM

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Slow... repetitive... but it still fits the mood of the area perfectly. :) Who'd have thought?

Land of the Living
A few of you have already seen this, but this is probably one of my favorite pieces in the entire game... definitely a great way to start a level!

Cutsaw Warehouse
Catchy, but a bit short. This really fits the mood of the level, while retaining an original mixture of organ, rock, and... Warehouse-y-ness.

Through the Twilight
Probably my favorite piece of all, this nearly-all-piano song is extremely catchy. Sadly, it too is a bit short, but it's good while it lasts!

Winter Wasteland
Repetitive, slow, and slightly boring. This song has 3 key changes, but keeps the same melody, and harmony, the entire time. Nonetheless, it is very Wintery, and because of the fact the level is so difficult, no one even notices!

Unidentified Flying (BOSS)
Techno, and very upbeat. This song fits an alien boss quite magnificently, but it too is rather short. Sorry!

Forest (2P Battle)
Short, but still pretty nice. I took Brian's advice on this one, and did everything in my power to include multiple key changes. I think it turned out pretty nicely, too. Let me know what you think!!


This is a very fun techno piece, and though I will admit it's albeit annoying, it's quite interesting. ;) It just goes to show what one can do with random soundfonts, and MIDI instruments!

Though repetitive, and fairly boring, I think this song is pretty nice! Using a nice combination of tubular bells, strings, and an electric bass, I really think I did a fair job of giving this song a nice, Christmasy feel. Don't you?

If you would be so kind, listen to a couple (or just one! :D) and criticize it. Feel free to praise a song's good points, but don't hesitate to point out the bad. I need to learn from my mistakes if I'm going to improve! Thanks!