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NSM Phone App with Tapatalk

Started by KefkaticFanatic, April 30, 2011, 11:30:53 AM

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Hey JaMaHa and/or Concerto if you even could do this, there's this nice app that gives easy access to forums on multiple mobile OS's (iOS, Android, WP7, etc) called Tapatalk.  Apparently it's free to activate on forums, and supports SMF.

Perhaps you could look into this? :D

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definitely do it for iOS and Android... but some of us are getting WP7, so... that would be great!



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me irl



Apologies for the bump.

Is there a way to see videos embedded in the YouTube code on tapatalk? Its hard to listen to the requests if I can't see the video. Its also the reason I put both the URL and embed it in the YouTube code.
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For future reference, tapatalk is also a chrome app and instantly notifies me whenever I get a private message on ninsheetmusic, so that's pretty cool.
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