What key/time signature is this song in?

Started by The Deku Trombonist, March 24, 2013, 03:27:01 PM

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...Yes? they're chromatic neighboring tones to the G naturals (major thirds).
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This, ladies and gentlemen, demonstrates my knowledge of music theory's inner workings. :P Thanks, Olimar (and Dudeman)!
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Help plz. I think it's in 4/4 but I'm not too sure
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Quick listen I'm getting 5/4 but it should be pretty easy to figure out once you start writing it down.

edit: idk different parts are counting differently but yeah just transcribe it first
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Hi, I'm trying to transcribe this and I'm having trouble finding the key and time signature. I think it's in 5/4 and the beginning is C Major, but I'm not sure if the key changes afterwards.


Definitely 5/4; it does start in C Major, and I'd transition to E minor at 0:21.
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I'm 99% sure the key is C, and that the time signature is 4/4, but when I try and arrange it, the measures don't make good "phrases" of music, so I'm hoping someone can check my work.


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You'd be correct on both counts--I'd notate it as C major in 4/4 time, too. There's a strong swing feel throughout (with the occasional straight 16th notes, especially when the piece quotes the Underground theme). You might be notating the beat as too short, based on your words about phrase lengths--I'd notate the intro as 2 bars long. The phrases seem to have fairly clean lengths to me (often 4 bars long). Phrases sometimes do start with pickup notes, though.


Not the right kind of thread maybe but. I have a question (regarding formatting):

If you're going to have footnotes. One at page 2 and one at page 3. Do you write the first footnote as "1)" and the second as "2)", or do write both as "1)"? Like is the first footnote "1)" and second "2)", or are both "1)" since they are on different pages?

Here's a link to the sheet music: Sheet Music

edit: asked some of my music teachers, and they thought/said that you should have a "1)" at page 2 and then a "1)" at page 3 (since they are on different pages).
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Hi, I was wondering what the time signature and key was for this song:

Thanks in advanced!
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So I'm working on the title theme for Ring Fit Adventure, and I'm not sure whether I should go with 4/4 or 4/2. 4/2 looks less messy, but is it as easy to understand?

Part of the song in 4/4:

And part in 4/2:


4/2 is so rare that it's significantly harder to understand than 4/4. I'd use 4/4 and deal with the rests some other way.