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Golden axe: Beast Rider

Started by PseudoMario16, May 29, 2008, 11:19:38 AM

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if anybody played the original golden axe games, youll know they were like, the best side scroller ever. and know, theres a new one on PS3 and Xbox 360. Its gonna be rated M and obviously not a side scroller.
The only catch is- you can only be one player. its the girl if you ever played the original games. her name in this game is tyrus flare.
ok, i dont know y but my computer is not putting the screen shots on. until i find out wots wrong, heres some links to the screenshots

here's spm screen shots- - its... its... beautiful!


ok, i dont know if this happens to anyone else,so if it does, please tell me. my own screenshots arent showing up on my computer
oh, and sorry for the double post
*Fixed* - its... its... beautiful!


The screenshots don't show up at all.


alright, well i dont know wots happening, but ill try to fix it. (if you know how, please tell me) - its... its... beautiful!


You have to right click the picture, properties, then copy the url, then paste it here and put:

[img]url here[/img]

PseudoMario16 - its... its... beautiful!


??? im getting the screenshots as soon as i open the page