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Started by The Deku Trombonist, August 21, 2013, 03:49:21 PM

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The Deku Trombonist

Post a maximum of 2 Submissions.

1) Make a SINGLE post with your two pieces. Any other posts will be deleted. (We have a general questions topic) Discussions about arrangements should take place in individual threads.
2) Submit sheets using ONLY dropbox. It's more efficient and safer than mediafire.
3) Put separate links for all your files (MUS, Midi, and PDF) for each sheet.
4) Before posting, be sure that your sheets are in tip-top shape (i.e. formatted to perfection, well arranged, etc.)
5) Your post will be edited with feedback.

Here are the Formatting Rules. Please read & follow them, it makes things easier and it makes the site look more professional. If a sheet is not formatted properly, we may not even bother to look.

Please provide PDF, MUS, and MIDI format, and make sure to write the arranger name in your post, if it is not your own username. Just to avoid mix-ups.

List of Currently Accepted Sheets:

[SNES] Final Fantasy VI - "The Devil's Lab" by Yugi


[XBOX360] Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts - "Test of the Terrarium"   ZIP

[XBOX360] Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts - "Grappling with Gruntilda"   ZIP

ALPRAS: So, when do I know if my sheets are alright to be approved or not? :)


As of 24/1/14, I am here

[NDS] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: "Pursuit ~ Cornered :[ZIP]

Deku: The link doesn't work.

Yugi: How about now?

Deku: What's with the text notes around the place?

Yugi: They should be changed now.

Deku: I meant like what do they mean? Are they notes to performers or things you want changed?

Yugi: Notes to performers.

[SNES] Final Fantasy VI: "The Devil's Lab": [ZIP]

Olimar12345: Uploaded.

Yugi: I still need to think of a second song, but I'm here.

Olimar12345: If you find one quickly I'll consider adding it to this update.
Edit: too late. :P

Yugi: I added two songs for the next update, both have been looked at by you in the live feedback topic, and Devil's Lab Fufills's a request

Deku: Change the rests in bar 7, 11, 15, 19 LH to a quarter + eighth and we have a winner.

Yugi: Should be changed.

Deku: Accepted.

By the way, I put these in live feedback, so they should get an approval from olimar as well.


[NES] Mega Man 5 - "Wave Man": [PDF][MIDI][MUS]

-Remove the "Pno." mark at the beginning of each system. You can do this by going to file info/score manager (depending on what your version calls it), selecting the abbreviated name, and clear it out.
-Title and page numbers are missing from pages 2-3
-No measure numbers
-Move the last measure on the first page to the next or previous system. You can do so by highlighting the measure and pressing the up arrow key. One measure systems like that are generally frowned upon.
-Your last system is out of alignment with the others. Fix it.
-Anytime you have the rhythm in measure 2 (RH) that starts on beat 3 (the dotted eighth, sixteenth tied to an eighth, eighth) you shouldn't beam the two eighth notes together. The forward slash key (/) is the shortcut key for manually beaming or unbeaming notes, but as soon as I clicked on it finale fixed it. :P
-If two layers share the exact same rhythm, you only need to supply the rests once between them. (an example would be RH measure four) Hide the extra one with the "h" key. When two layers DON'T share the same rhythm, rests need to be shown. (an example would be LH measure 27)
-Overall, your layer work is sloppy. The purpose of using more than layer is to provide clarity. Keep one layer above and one layer below.

[PS1] Mega Man X5 - "Zero Dead": [PDF][MIDI][MUS]

Dudeman: I was/am/will be here.

-Remove the "Pno." mark at the beginning of each system. You can do this by going to file info/score manager (depending on what your version calls it), selecting the abbreviated name, and clear it out.
-No measure numbers.
-Your last two systems are out of alignment with the others. Fix it.
-Put the composers' names on two lines.
-If possible, make that first measure a pick up measure.
-The number of measures per system in this arrangement is all wonky-it looks like you can evenly put four measures per system, so do that.
- Specify pedal usage with more than just the brackets. Put the text con pedale or with pedal or something at the beginning (under the LH).
-Change the D in the RH Measure 3 to an F.
-Measure 7's RH should have a dotted half note "G", then the two eighth note pickups. The half and quarter notes you have don't exist in the original.
-The rhythm in measure 18's RH needs to be two half notes. The second one should be the A minor triad, and it needs to be tied to the next whole note.

Dudeman: Ah, the glory of .xml transferring. I'll fix everything as soon as I have the time.
Dudeman: Still here as of 1/23/14. And I'm way too lazy. SOMEONE KICK ME I NEED MOTIVATION

Deku: I can fix things for you if you like...
Quote from: braixen1264 on December 03, 2015, 03:52:29 PMDudeman's facial hair is number 1 in my book


[NDS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - "Defend Globe" : (MID) (MUS) (PDF)

-You have an odd rhythm displacement from measures 12-15-basically you have one too many measures. Remove everything on beat one of measure 12 and everything on beat two of measure 14, then move everything to the left and you should be good.
-You need to break the tie between 39 and 40.
-Double barline is needed at 56 and 76 (key changes).
-The voicing in your rolled chords at times seems confusing. Keep the bass the lowest voice, as it sounds in the original.
-A in the lowest voice needs to be a G# in measures 62 and 63
-Chord in measure 66 is incorrect-it should be a G#7, so from lowest up it should read: G# B# F# D#
-This piece needs to be played with the pedal throughout-write in con pedale at the beginning.
Done *except* for the voicing. I might need a little guidance in that.

-Only dynamics go between the staves, so move dolce and the molto rit.'s above the first staff. The first molto rit can stay where it is, as the top staff is empty.
-Change the low held D in LH at 9 to a C#, then the next A to a B. Make this change again from measures 25-28.
-Change the lowest voice in LH in measures 39 and 40 from F# and B to G# and C#.
-Change the lowest voice in LH in measure 44 from an A to a G#
-From now until I specify otherwise, the following changes will apply to the lowest voice in the LH
-Add an F in the staff to the chord in measures 49 and 50.
-Change the C to a B in measures 51, 52, 53, 54.
-Add an E in measures 55 and 56, and a D# in measures 57 and 58.
-The chord in measure 63 should read (bottom up) F# A C#. remove the lowest C# and move the G# up to A.
-Move the C in measure 64 up to an E.
-Remove layer two all together in 71 and 72. That voice is being doubled in the RH, and that is plenty.
-Chords in measures 71 and 72 should be (Bottom up) F# A C#
-Chords in measures 73 and 74 should be (Bottom up) B D# F# A
Alright, changed. Thanks for the help.

Bars 51-54 could have the cello line added in.
Btw, dolce etc can go either above or in between the staves. That's a publishing choice and not a strict convention. I've mostly seen them in between and that naturally makes for easier reading but they can go above too.
This would probably make more sense in 4/4 too.

Really, huh. I've only seen it above the staff. Good to know! :P

Alright, cello added. It looks less messier in 4/4 time, so that's a plus.

I might clean up some of the rests a little later, but a couple of those intervals in the RH of measures 34-35 are a little questionable.

[NDS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - "Sealed Ruin Pit" : (MID) (MUS) (PDF)

rosa: is here.

-Time signature should be 3/2, not 6/4. There are 3 beats per measure, not 6.
-The ascending octatonic scale in thirds in measure 6 need to be consistent. Change the 5th and 6th chords to make them thirds.
-Key signatures are all over the place. change it to C minor for measures 1-14, then Cb Major/Eb minor at 15 (same key sig, it just moves key centers). Add a double bar line when you change it at 15.
-I wouldn't use the Ped. and * signs it the way you have. When using those, you're telling the pianist to keep the pedal held until the  * symbol, which isn't what you want there (I think). Switch to con pedale/senza pedale instead. This tells them just to use the pedal in the specified location.
-The accent spam you have from 19-24 isn't necessary, as the note attacks never change. (if anything, they are smooth and legato :P)
-I would add accents to all of the up beat Eb's in the LH measures 24-26. Also you left out the Eb on beat one of measure 26. (LH, ofc.)

-Remove the Eb on beat one of measure 25 (LH)


Olimar12345: Looks good. Accepted

Olimar12345: Uploaded.


A nice little I'm Here or something

[PC]Chris Sawyer's Locomotion
Sandy Track Blues

-For some reason the tempo marking shows up as a bunch of squares on the PDF.
-I notice you use ties on notes on beat 3+ (like in bar 1) but in other places you use a crotchet (like bar 27). For the sake of consistency, you should probably pick one and stick to it (I'd suggest crotchet, it looks tidier).
-Rhythm grouping issues: Bars 10, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82.
-The Ab/Fb in bar 68 makes more sense as G#/E.
-The semiquaver triplets would look nicer written as tremolos (there's a handy tool in Finale for making them easily).
-Listening to the original, a fair bit of the harmonising can use some re-looking-over. Bits like the tremolos are only octaves, not thirds. And not all of the melody is harmonised all the time, it's mainly used to highlight certain notes in the phrase.

[NDS] Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
Oil Field Hideout
-Same thing with the ties as your other arrangement.
-Some chords missing (like bar 2).
-Don't use the ottava bass clef, it's never used in piano music. Just use either bass or treble and 8va/8vb lines as needed.
-Overlapping clef in bar 32.
-Rhythm grouping issues from bar 40 onwards.
-There's the occasional wrong note here and there, just go back and have a reeeaaally close listen.


Sandy Track Blues
Oil Field Hideout


[NDS] Pokemon Black/White Version
Unwavering Emotions - [MUS] [MIDI] [PDF]

[NDS] Pokemon Black/White Version 2
Battle! Wild Pokémon - [MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [YouTube][/url]
"Today's goal strongly involves not dying. Because nobody likes to wake up dead."

My Arrangements
Finale Version(s): Finale Notepad 2012, Finale 2012, Finale v26


I'm here!

Angry Birds:

Main Theme  [Mus] [Mid] [PDF]

-This needs to be written on a grand staff for piano, not just two lines.
-If the dynamics are different per hand, write each one outside their staff(RH above the staff, LH below).
-Dynamics for the RH are rather sloppily written. Get them out of the staff.
-Needs measure numbers, and a mini title on pages 2 and 3.

iLikePiano: Okay, those adjustments were made. Maybe I have too many dynamics on page 2, should I clean that up?


Hope these get accepted!

Fire Emblem : Path of Radiance

-- Galdr of Rebirth [MUS][MID][PDF]

The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

-- Main Theme (Dragonborn) [MUS] [MID] [PDF]
I wonder why Fire Emblem is not well known. It's a great game, with even greater music!

Fabian Marquart

[NDS] Pokémon Diamond & Pearl

"Through Time & Space" (Two Pianos)
[ZIP]      [PDF primo]      [PDF secondo]      [MIDI]      [MUS]      (Youtube)


I'm Here

New Rally-X Intro & Gameplay Themes

PDF | .MUS | MIDI | YouTube (for reference)

-Change your music font to Maestro Times.
-Apply these things to your arrangement.

Ok, I have updated my PDFs and applied those changes. Let me know if I need to make anymore changes.

Xevious Intro & Gameplay Themes

PDF | .MUS | MIDI | YouTube (for reference)

Finally got these arrangements converted to .MUS files! So hopefully they will be good enough to make it onto the main site!

Hopefully someone will check these out, I'm really looking forward to feedback. Thanks guys!


Hey, first time submitting files, so i may screw up a bit.

2 files from Pikmin 3:

Main Theme:


Garden of Hope:


Olimar12345: Welcome to the site! I took a peek at your arrangement of the "Main Theme", and the music isn't that bad. As for how it's presented, you might want to consult this. Make these fixes and we'll see where to go from there.

Looks like we're going to be great pals, you and I, as I'm working on some pikmin 3 arrangements as well! :J

Ambiguousturtle: Hey, I think i fixed all of the formatting errors and redid the links. Some of the music is a bit messy though. I didn't know there was an audition process O.o.

Olimar12345: It's not really an audition, it's more of a way of prettying up our arrangements to make them look more professional. As for the Main Theme, how's this? I wen't through and cleaned up a few other small things. (the pno abbreviation, title and subtitle, moved some layers around, etc.)

Some of the layers you had were colliding with other layers, so I did my best to separate them out. Remember that in finale, the black later will auto-stem upward, and the red downward (when using more than one layer). Use this to your advantage! :P

Ambiguousturtle: Love your arrangement.. I changed the link and downloaded your version. That was the first time i used layers, so i (and still am) a little bit iffy on those. I had no idea how to change the pno abbreviation  :(. Is there anything else i need to clean up? (i probably should have looked them over ALOT more before submission.. sorry!)


I'm Here

So, I'm going to try again.

This arrangement right here, as of 1/23/14 has been updated and fixed according to errors Olimar pointed out.  There will probably be new errors, so yeah.  Thanks.
[NDS] Wario:Master of Disguise - "File Selection Theme" [ZIP]

Olimar12345: Are you using Finale2014? If so, could you export is to 2012 for me? I can't open it :/

Darkwario1: Sorry, but I only have finale notepad. I'll try to export it to 2012 if I can.
So, I'll just put each link up separately then.  [PDF]  [MUS]  [MID]

Olimar12345: Okay, it's working now. Idk why I couldn't open it before.
Here are the formatting errors:
-Subtitle, URL, and copyright info needs to be center aligned.
-Measure numbers are missing.
-Remove the "Pno." abbreviation.
-Composer and arranger name needs to be right aligned.
-Rhythm grouping errors in the RH in measures 8 and 14.
-BPM needs to be fixed.

Darkwario1:  Yeah.....I'm trying my best, but I can't seem to fix all of the errors you pointed out because I don't know my way around Finale Notepad that well.           I fixed the problems.  Yay!!!!!!!