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Sonic ATS

Started by A.K.N, February 27, 2014, 08:23:12 AM

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has anyone played this yet?

cant get enough of this OST, but its a good game too.

heres a quick video of gameplay before i tell you about this OST. 2nd link is an article that elaborates and contains links to the artists music.

ATS is THEBEST freelance ive ever played, even leaving the soundtrack aside, the game is just so ACE (even above sonic classic).  The soundtrack is 4 discs, mostly synth and orchestral arrangements with some guitar aswell.  it has a very sonic feel, paying tribute to melodies we are familiar with. 

the soundtrack contains collaboration among 7 composers. ever since, these guys are my idols:

Andy Tunstall, Tunners (vocals, guitar)
Au Yeong, Falk (orchestrations)
Pejman Roozbeh , Funk Fiction
James Landino, KGZ
Mr. Jordan Lange, Short Factor (FMsynth, animator)
Michael Staple, DJ Max-E
Li Xiao'an (orchestrations)

Li Xiao'an

Jordan Lange
(photo unavailable, his spriteart is substituted)

Michael Staple

James Landino

Pejman Roozbeh
(equipment and self)

Au Yeong

Andy Tunstall

i cant urge you enough, please please listen to the soundtrack! if you dont aswell play the game.


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